WATCH: Jimmy Buffett Hits the Water to Visit Legendary US Coast Guard Ship Eagle

by Samantha Whidden

On Monday (September 27th), singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett took to his Twitter account to share a video of him hitting the water to visit the legendary U.S. Coast Guard ship, Eagle.

“US Coast Guard Eagle,” Jimmy Buffett declared in the post, which featured him smiling ear to ear as he headed over to the ship. 

Jimmy Buffett is currently enjoying some downtown following his latest tour, which featured stops in Cleveland, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan. He was originally set to perform at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival next month, but due to the global health crisis, the event was postponed until April 2022. 

Jimmy Buffet will resume his shows in December for 10 days before taking a winter break. He will then perform at the Coastal Credit Union Music Park and PNC Music Pavilion in April 2022. The shows in 2022 are mainly rescheduled from 2021.

Jimmy Buffett Talks Touring During the Health Crisis Nearing the Age of 75

During a recent interview with Billboard, Jimmy Buffett spoke about touring during COVID-19. “I’m gin-clear focused on the things that I actually can do. And the things I can’t do I can’t whine about,” the famous singer declared. He also described the situation as being like on a boat. “If there’s a storm, you can’t go back to the hotel and order Eggs Benedict. You gotta get your a— through the storm. So that’s what it was kinda like.”

When asked what he was up to during the pandemic, Jimmy Buffett said he was working in all three places. “The silver lining of this whole thing was I would have never spent that much time with my grown kids for the rest of my life,” Buffet stated. He also said he and his family were with each other but on vagabonds. He also described himself and his family as nomads and everyone is virtually everywhere. But he did like having six months with his loved ones. 

While chatting about turning 75 this upcoming Christmas, Jimmy Buffett said, “I’d like to finish this rock and roll book I’m working on. It’s based on when we went to Montserrat and did the [1979] Volcano album.”

Jimmy Buffett then explained that the book is based on that whole episode. “There are so many stories and I file them. It’s a funny book. But it’s a real rock ’n’ roll boo. It’s not a miserable experience, let’s just say.”

The singer-songwriter also said that he kept writing some songs. Instead of some 75th-anniversary thing, he’d rather put another album out. “I’ve got five songs now. I like what I’m doing. It’s a little more kind of down island — authentic Creole and Trinidadian and Calypso kind of influences are in it.”