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WATCH: Jimmy Buffett Performs Snippet from Upcoming Release, ‘Songs You Don’t Know by Heart’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Bennett Raglin/WireImage)

Jimmy Buffett has released a great clip of his re-recorded song, “Tin Cup Chalice”, from the upcoming album “Songs You Don’t Know by Heart.”

Ready for more Jimmy Buffett? Who isn’t? If anything could make 2020 slightly more enjoyable, it’s new recordings from the feel-good legend of all legends.

Thankfully, the man himself is here to provide. Buffett hit fans on Twitter today with a clip from one of his brand new recordings of an old classic.

“Tin Cup Chalice – Songs You Don’t Know by Heart – THE ALBUM!” Buffett tweets. Sounds like he’s as excited as his fans for this new set of tunes. “Songs You Don’t Know by Heart” will be the coastal icon’s latest album. He provides a link to pre-order it, as well. While the album is likely to see a wider release, pre-orders are only available for Apple & Amazon.

“Here’s a clip from the recording session last month in Sag Harbor,” Buffett continues, leading on to the goods. Within the tweet, he includes a video of himself playing “Tin Cup Chalice” in the studio. Give the clip a listen below, Parrotheads, and see how the maestro’s latest recording of this oldie hits you:

Jimmy Buffett Thanks Jerry Jeff Walker for New Song

If you listen all the way to the end of his clip, Jimmy Buffett makes a touching tribute. “Thank you Jerry Jeff Walker,” he says. Walker, of course, left us at the age of 78 this year after an amazing life in the music industry. Unfortunately, his later years were fraught with throat cancer and pneumonia. A combination of both is the expected cause of death.

Before leaving us too soon, however, Walker made some amazing friends throughout his career. Once called the Jimmy Buffett of Texas, Walker was known to absolutely love the “way of life in Texas.” The comparison goes even further, too, when you learn these two men were the best of friends.

A long, long time ago – it was Jerry Jeff who first drove Jimmy Buffett down to Key West to get his start there. Walker took Buffett down from Coconut Grove, Florida all the way to the end of the Keys. Spending time together in Florida, the duo also co-wrote “Railroad Lady” together while riding the old Panama Limited passenger train.

Of his dear friends passing, Buffett wrote:

For more on the bond these two shared, be sure to read Jimmy Buffett Posts Touching Tribute To Late Singer-Songwriter Jerry Jeff Walker.