WATCH: Joanna Gaines’ Hilarious New Video Shows What She’s ‘Learning’ Behind-the-Scenes of ‘Magnolia Table’

by Leanne Stahulak

In a hilarious behind-the-scenes clip, “Fixer Upper” star Joanna Gaines phoned a friend to help her win an argument with fellow crew members.

Gaines posted the video to her Instagram earlier today, as part of a promotion for her brand new cooking show, “Magnolia Table.” This is one of many shows she and her husband Chip Gaines will produce for their new channel, Magnolia Network. While the channel won’t premiere on cable television until January 2022, episodes are available to stream on Discvoery+ now.

The behind-the-scenes clip starts out with Joanna Gaines reciting random words under her breath, before cutting to her being directed to stand to the right a little bit. It then shows a crewmember holding a clapperboard and saying, “Alpha, Baker, Charlie,” before snapping it closed.

The video cuts to Gaines, who whirls around from a stove oven and blurts out, “Alpha, Bravo, Charlie.” A crew member calls out to her, “Can you name all of those?”

“Oh no,” Gaines says with a shake of her head. “I only know Alpha, Bravo, Charlie. This is Morse code right?”

“No,” the crew member says. “Oh,” Joanna Gaines says with a laugh. But then she elaborates.

“My dad did Morse code, and he taught me Alpha, Bravo, Charlie,” Gaines insists. “Call your dad,” the crew member replies. So she does.

Joanna Gaines Learns Phonetic Alphabet from Her Dad

Gaines pulls up her father on FaceTime, exchanging pleasantries before getting down to business. “I have a quiz for you. I wanna know if you remember the phonetic alphabet. You know, when you did Morse code. A is…”

“Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot,” her dad lists off. “Keep going,” she says.

“I forget G. Hotel, India…” he trails off. Joanna Gaines gasps. “That’s all you got?”

“That’s all I got girl. Fifty-something years ago,” her dad says. Gaines promises to bring him some lemon bars later and signs off. Before the clip ends, she jokes with the crew members, “I love how our parents go like this when they FaceTime. ‘Hi JoJo, it’s ma chin!'” She holds the phone directly under her face and laughs.

Gaines captions the behind-the-scenes video, “You learn a lot more than cooking on this show… Thanks for helping out, Dad!” She invites viewers to check it out on Discovery+.

Joanna Gaines is trying to get all the traction she can for Magnolia Network. She confessed to The Hollywood Reporter that “We couldn’t have chosen a worse time to have done this.”

Research shows that fewer and fewer people are watching cable television than ever before. That’s partially what prompted the Gaines to launch their new network via Discovery first, and then try out their channel on cable. Luckily, streaming is having far more success recently, so hopefully, they get the viewership they need.