WATCH: John Fogerty Invites 6 Boston Nurses On Stage During Concert

by Taylor Cunningham

John Fogerty honored six Boston nurses at his concert last Friday by inviting them on stage. This comes after multiple acts of kindness and gratitude from the Grammy award winner throughout the COVID pandemic.

It started when Sarah Demers, a nurse at Boston Medical Center, sent Fogerty a letter. She thanked him for his music and told him that his lyrics inspired her during the pandemic. Fogerty had started performing with his kids in YouTube videos.

In an interview, Demers told reporters that his music was healing for her and her nursing team. “It puts a smile on all our faces. His music symbolizes hope, strength; we can get through anything,” she said.

After receiving the letter, Fogerty sent Demers some face masks and a CD. Grateful for the gesture, especially when PPE was hard to come by, she sent the singer another letter thanking him for the gifts. She also told him how much his latest song, Weeping in the Promised Land, meant to her. 

So, Fogerty sent Demers a custom Fender acoustic guitar. Then a few weeks later, he sent ten more guitars to her fellow nurses.

The Boston Globe reached out to the Hall of Famer when it heard about his touching gifts. “I feel so strongly about the nurses and what they are going through. They have been battling for almost a year, and I know they felt alone with all this,” he told them.

And John Fogerty didn’t stop there. Now that he’s back on the road, he decided he wanted to meet Demers and her team in person. So, he invited them to his concert in Boston. During an interlude, he called Demers and five other nurses to the stage.

“Everybody give these guys a hand!” he yelled as he celebrated the nurses.

John Fogerty on Recording with His Children

John Fogerty touched the hearts of everyone when he recorded music with his children during the COVID-19 pandemic. And in an interview with USA Today, he explained that the experience also meant the world to him.

The idea came from his wife of 30 years, Julie Kramer, a few weeks into lockdowns. She suggested that Fogerty should record Have You Ever Seen the Rain and post it on YouTube. At first, he didn’t take to the idea.

“I just looked at her dumbfounded because I didn’t really think the world needed that. Why did they want me to sing that song again? There’s a million versions on YouTube,” he said.

But Kramer persisted. “Her idea was, ‘I think this should be special because it’s a healing song and people would like to see that from you. After all, we’re in a really strange place.'” And she was right. John recorded a new rendition of the Credence Clearwater classic, and it earned over 2 million views on YouTube.

That success led to Fogerty partnering with his three kids—Shane, 29; Tyler, 28 and Kelsy, 19. The quartet went on to record an entire album called Fogerty’s Factory, which was released in November of 2020. The album is a tribute to CCR’s Cosmo’s Factory that was released in 1970.

Fogerty went on to say that he was thankful he was able to spend that time with his family and bond with them over their shared passion.

“As a dad, I am so grateful that this little postcard from the pandemic is there,” he told USA Today. “I will remember this for the rest of my life.”