WATCH: John Fogerty Releases New Song ‘Weeping in the Promised Land’

by Atlanta Northcutt

Don’t poke the bear, which in this case is John Fogerty, because he will use his musical talents to speak out against the political turmoil he feels is taking over the country.

John Fogerty Steps Up and Sings Out

On Wednesday morning, John Fogerty, 75, released his first new single several years. “Weeping in the Promised Land” is an original song released by Fogerty amid the ongoing turmoil throughout the country.

“Weeping in the Promised Land” has a powerful impact on listeners as Fogerty’s voice and piano are at the center of the performance. He’s surrounded by a few gospel singers accompanying him on vocals to create a gospel and protest sound.

The former Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman released a touching piano-driven ballad reflecting on 2020 and how the past year has completely changed most of our lives.

Living Through the Lyrics

The disparity and anguish in many of Fogerty’s lyrics are all too real.

He describes the thousands of Americans who have died due to COVID-19. Fogerty also stands up for the frontline workers who aren’t only trying to keep patients alive but keep themselves alive too while being overworked and understaffed. He makes a comment about ignoring the safety precautions given by health officials.

“With dread in their eyes / all the nurses are crying / everywhere sorrow / everywhere dying / Pharoah is preaching / but he never had a plan/weeping in the promised land.”

Another line John sings about is that of George Floyd’s death. He mentions the impact it had on all American citizens, but especially those of African-American descent. As thousands of protestors took to the streets amidst a deadly pandemic.

“Out in the street / On your neck with a knee / The people are cryin’ / Your words ‘I can’t breathe’ and the white judge say been no crime here”

John apparently wrote the extremely popular rock and protest song “Fortunate Son” in 20 minutes. However, writing a song to describe the year 2020 is not an easy or short feat.

“‘Weeping in the Promised Land’ ended up being the hardest song I’ve ever written,” he says.

Hoping For No More “Weeping in the Promised Land”

The song is a combination of a single piano, Fogerty’s vocals accompanied by gospel singers, and his visually descriptive lyrics. All of those aspects create a powerfully raw and real song for listeners to take in and understand the message.

“It’s time to stop wearing a number on your back that tells which political party you’re in or which candidate you support,” says Fogerty. “We’re all humans and we’ve stared some pretty terrifying things in the face. And we’re still staring them in the face. My intent is that, hopefully, everyone’s in the mood or discussion, and not just ‘You made a mistake!’ ”