WATCH: John Wayne and ‘Bonanza’ Cast Were Digitally Resurrected For Hilarious Beer Ad

by Matthew Wilson

John Wayne may be long gone. But that doesn’t mean that the Duke is forgotten or that he can’t make an occasional appearance from time to time. Wayne made a ghostly visit from beyond the grave in this 1990s beer ad. And he brought a couple of friends along with him.

Critics blast technology for perhaps going too far, especially when it comes to resurrecting the dead. CGI has become more common in bringing to the screen those that long past. For instance, CGI was used to complete both “Star Wars” and “Fast and the Furious” after respective stars Carrie Fisher and Paul Walker passed away. But movie magic has been resurrecting people long before the 2020s.

Take this Coors Ad from the 1990s for instance. John Wayne himself walked into the bar to deliver a bit of Wild West justice to a couple of rednecks. The no-gooders steal a man’s seat at the bar and mock that he would have to be John Wayne to take them in a fight. Cue, the Duke with his tough-guy bravado. He’s also brought along the cast of “Bonanza” as well.

While Wayne may be the star, the Cartwright family makes a cameo in the commercial. Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, Pernell Roberts, and Dan Blocker stand tall like they just stepped off the Ponderosa Ranch. The cameo is made all the more extraordinary that all but Roberts had passed away by that time.

John Wayne Loves His Beer

John Wayne must really love his beer. Because the Duke kept returning from the grave to get his fill. Or at least to star in beer commercials. Wayne also featured in another Coors beer commercial during the 1990s. This commercial featured the likes of R. Lee Ermey, playing a riff off his “Full Metal Jacket” character.

Of course, even the foul-mouthed, hot-tempered Gunnery Sergeant Hartman stood in awe of a man like John Wayne. The Duke appeared in the commercial looking like he just stepped off a War film himself. The digital recreation of Wayne copped to having a six-pack of Coors beer on the base. The drink was illegal, but who was going to tell the Duke or at least a digital ghost of the Duke, no?

Unfortunately, the real John Wayne had long passed away by that point. Wayne died in 1979 following a battle with stomach cancer. But his larger-than-life character continues to live on in various ways.