WATCH: John Wayne Explains Why He Didn’t Look for ‘Security’ in His Life

by Clayton Edwards

John Wayne was so much more than an actor when he was alive. Even now, decades after his passing, the Duke is an American icon. When he wasn’t on the big screen portraying some of the most rough and tumble characters in cinematic history, he was inspiring patriotism.

These days, not many people talk much about what was on John Wayne’s mind. Sometimes, that’s a good thing. It was a different time, after all. However, the things he said could sometimes be so insightful that they transcend years and even generations. For instance, he once spoke about the opportunities and responsibilities that we have as Americans. Every word of what he said in that speech is still as true today as when he said it all those years ago.

After winning his first and only Oscar for the 1970 film True Grit, John Wayne gave an interview. During that chat, he talked about the film industry as well as the award that he just took home. However, one of the heaviest moments in the interview came when he talked about why he never looked for security in his life.

Why John Wayne Didn’t Seek Out Security in His Life

John Wayne and the interviewer are laughing and having a pretty good time while talking about the state of the film industry. Then, the interviewer moves forward by saying, “Duke, you’ve been quoted as saying that you feel pretty secure at this stage of your life,” he tries to go on, but Wayne interrupts.

“Secure?” John Wayne asks, becoming a little more somber. “You never know what’s going to go tomorrow.” The interviewer goes to speak again. However, Duke waves him off, “I don’t look for security. It’s a ridiculous thing. If you spend your life looking for security, you won’t have much happiness.”

John Wayne looks into his drink for a moment before going on. “These kids, they’re talking about freedom and everything. A lot of them have a wonderful idea. That’s not digging, digging just for security. They want to have some fun out of life.”

John Wayne lived his life the way he wanted. He took things as they came and stuck to his guns. Those who didn’t like what he was doing or what he said didn’t bother him. As he said in the interview, he knew he was right. That’s the kind of conviction that leads to a truly happy life.