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Watch John Wayne Star Alongside His Son, Patrick, in Classic Gillette Razor Commercial

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

Could you imagine a Gillette Men’s shaving commercial made today starring the one and only John Wayne? As amazing as that sounds, Wayne actually did star in a commercial for Gillette back in the 1950s.

Looking back at it now, it seems like a perfect pair — the manliest of men, John Wayne, starring in a Gillette commercial. And it most definitely was the perfect union. Movie star John Wayne recorded a television commercial for the new Gillette adjustable razors sometime in the ’50s. And to help him out during the advertisement, was his son, Patrick Wayne.

“Hold everything, dad!” the young Wayne says as he marches into his father’s dressing room. “Have I got news for you! Look, a brand new Gillette!”

To which John Wayne replies, “Well, what’s so new about it?”

“Well you see this here?” Patrick asks. “You just turn it to adjust the blade to what kind of shave you want.”

“Well what do all the numbers mean?” Wayne questions him back.

Patrick goes on to explain how the different settings work. “Well, the higher the number the closer the shave you get. It has nine settings.”

“I’ll set it on five,” Wayne states before taking a couple of nice, smooth strokes with the razor.”Hey, that’s great! Thanks!” Wayne then continues shaving with a big smile on his face.

You can watch the old-school commercial for yourself by clicking down below:

John Wayne Starred in Other Commercials in the 1970’s

The Gillette adjustable razor commercial from the 1950s wasn’t the last time we would see John Wayne attach his name to a popular product. In fact, one fan even left a comment on the above video saying that she remembers another one of “The Duke’s” commercials.

And while the Gillette pairing with John Wayne definitely made sense, Wayne’s next commercial campaign was a little more unusual. In 1976, the Western star appeared in ads that were pitching an over-the-counter pain-relief medicine.

“I asked my doctor about taking Datril 500. He said ‘great,'” Wayne says in the ad. “Ask your doctor.”

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