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WATCH: John Wayne’s Son Ethan Reveals ‘Unique’ Detail About ‘Big Jake’ Film He Starred in With His Dad

by Katie Maloney
Photo: Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

John Wayne wore something he’s never worn before in the movie, ‘Big Jake.’

If you haven’t already heard INSP is hosting “Duke Days of May”, a month-long John Wayne movie marathon. Every weekend, the channel plays movies starring the Duke. Viewers can tune in for chances to win prizes while watching. And John Wayne’s son, Ethan Wayne, even provides fun trivia about his father during commercial breaks. Tonight, the channel is airing the popular film, “Big Jake.” To promote the film, the channel shared a video clip with Ethan sharing some fun trivia about his father’s costume in the film.

“This is the costume from ‘Big Jake.’ That one is pretty significant to me because I got to play little jake in that film,” said Ethan. “Something that’s kind of unique about it, little story, is he typically wore a clean vest, no embellishments. In this film, he was estranged from his wife, Maureen O’Hara and he was living the single life across the border in Mexico. And when she calls him because she needs some help finding me because I get kidnapped in the film. He shows up and he’s got this vest on with embellishment on it. A little anecdote I thought was pretty cute at the time. Everybody got a kick out of it. Anyway, something that I remember. And something that I think about any time I see the vest. “

Along with the video, INSP wrote, “Looking good, Duke! Enjoy a bit of Big Jake trivia from Ethan Wayne, aka “Little Jake” himself. Watch Big Jake, tonight at 8PM ET.”

How to Watch John Wayne in ‘Big Jake’ Tonight

“Big Jake” is a John Wayne must-see. Anytime you combine the rough and tumble Wayne with the gentle innocence of a child, you have western drama gold! The best part of this movie is that Ethan Wayne got to star alongside his dad in the film. During the film, John Wayne plays Big Jake, the only man brave enough, tough enough, and smart enough to save little Jacob McCandles after he’s kidnapped by a gang of cutthroats led by the evil John Fain.

So, saddle up, pilgrims, The Duke is galloping onto your TV screens tonight! You can watch INSP on any of the following Streaming Services: Philo, Vidgo, fuboTV, and frndly TV. You can also check out your cable provider to see if they offer the channel.