WATCH: Kevin Costner Explains Crucial Quality Required for Excellent Storytelling

by Jon D. B.

Speaking again with navigation company HearHere, Kevin Costner gives his expert advice on what makes an excellent storyteller.

“Want to be a good story teller? Kevin Costner has a few tips: Your story has to have a level of value, it needs to have a beginning and level of poetry, and lastly it needs to be laced with a sense of humor,” HearHere prefaces their interview with the icon.

As one of the most prolific storytellers of his generation, Costner has better cause to speak on such things than near any other. From winning Best Picture and Best Director Oscars for Dances With Wolves, to producing and starring in today’s top cable television drama, Yellowstone, Costner’s advice is, indeed, worth heeding.

Dive into the expert storytelling advice of Kevin Costner with us below, and give the full interview a watch afterward.

“It needs to have a level of poetry…”

“If you want to be a good [storyteller], You have to understand the story you’re telling has to have a level of value [for the people] you’re asking to, in a sense, be quiet and listen to,” Costner starts off.

“It needs to have that beginning,” he says. “It needs to have a level of poetry, because our lives haven’t. They’re hard enough anyway, that when we look back at them, and try to touch on things – there’s ways to get at the poetry of a story,” he continues.

“And so, that’s what I have always enjoyed – is someone who can combine the facts in a really eloquent way. Sometimes a simplistic way,” Costner continues.

For the iconic storyteller himself, however, one thing trumps said poetry – and everything else in life: a sense of humor.

“Always laced with a sense of humor,” Costner emphasizes. “Because nothing in life suffers from a sense of humor.”

Wise words, indeed.

Listen to Kevin Costner’s Expert Advice on Storytelling

View the full interview with Kevin Costner below, and listen to the man himself as he delves deep into the art of storytelling:

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