WATCH: Korie Robertson Uploads Emotional Video of Daughter Bella’s Wedding

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images for Pure Flix)

On Thursday, Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson shared a touching collection of video clips from her daughter Bella’s recent wedding.

Bella Robertson and Jacob Mayo tied the knot on Saturday, June 5 after getting engaged in November. The youngest of Korie’s daughters is just 18 years old, but knew Jacob was the one for her. The pair wed in a ceremony in the Robertsons’ hometown of West Monroe, Louisiana in front of family and friends.

To celebrate the special occasion further, Korie Robertson posted a 3-minute clip of a video that was filmed throughout Bella’s wedding day. Her mother says it’s just a “teaser” of more to come and that she can’t wait to share the full thing with everyone.

“The beginning of a great love story!” Korie Robertson wrote on Instagram. “I can’t stop watching and this is just the ‘teaser.’ Can’t wait to get the whole video. [Bella] you were a stunning bride and [Jacob] the cutest groom! It was such a joy planning a wedding with you!”

“There is nothing better than bringing all of your favorite people (and for our fam that’s a lot of people, ha) together to witness and celebrate your daughter getting married!! I want to shout out all of the amazing people we worked with to make this day so special,” she continued.

“Pretty much all of the same people that we worked with on Sadie’s wedding. So you know they’re excellent if we asked them back a second time, ha! I just want to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!” Korie Robertson added.

Korie Robertson’s Daughter Bella Defends Choice to Get Married at an Early Age

The last couple of weeks have been filled with nothing but love in the Robertson family. However, Bella and Jacob have had to deal with critics who thought they shouldn’t get married at such a young age.

Jacob proposed to Bella after the couple dated for around six months. Yet the two have been friends for years, which goes back to grade school. Regardless of how long they’ve known each other, the couple have received some backlash since their engagement.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight in December, Bella defended her engagement to Jacob. She shared that it was her choice to accept his proposal. Additionally, many of her own family members got hitched at an early age as well. In fact, her parents Willie and Korie Robertson also got married at 18.

“We started dating because he came home from college to be here for quarantine, and that’s been a big factor,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I don’t know if normally I would have gotten engaged to someone after six months, if we would have just met and started dating, you know? But on top of that, in the south so many people get married so young. Like, my parents got married at 18, my brother got married at 18, my grandparents married at 18. It’s very common around here so it didn’t really shock me too much about my age.”