WATCH: Luke Bryan Scares the Daylights Out of Wife Caroline With His Truck

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Country singer Luke Bryan scares the living daylight out of his wife Caroline, and we feel a bit guilty for laughing so much.

In a recent Twitter post, Luke Bryan sneaks up behind his wife as she peddles down the road on her bright blue bicycle. While cruising down the street, the Georgia native honks his extremely loud horn as she bikes, causing her to veer off the road and into a bright green patch of grass. Lucky for him, she didn’t take a brutal tumble onto the concrete.

Bryan’s caption reads, “Y’all remember the time I scared the h*ll out of Caroline? Just wait till you see her revenge during #americanidol tonight!”

Fans in the comments did their share of cracking up at the event as well. One person said, “Yours and Caroline’s pranks always make me laugh Looking forward to how this pans out on #AmericanIdol”

It’s nice to know these are just harmless pranks that both Luke Bryan and his wife seem to enjoy. We also can’t wait to see who takes home the victory in their prank wars next.

Luke Bryan Calls ‘American Idol’ Contestant ‘One of the Best Sounding’ Country Artists He’s Seen

When Luke Bryan compliments a country artist’s singing, you know you must be doing something right. One lucky “American Idol” contestant was told he’s one of the best-sounding country artists he’s ever heard.

Just because Bryan complimented another country artist doesn’t mean he doesn’t find both artists talented. Last month, he compared contestant Hunter Wolkonowski to Miranda Lambert. He even predicted she’d go to the Top 10. Not only that, but he called her his favorite female country voice in the five years he’s been judging “American Idol.”

But the competition isn’t over yet, Hunter. Last night, 24-year-old Daniel Marshall Griffith took the stage and really got the judge’s attention. Griffith performed Garth Brooks’ hit song “The Dance” with a unique twist.

“Dan Marshall, you have that storytelling thing, man,” Lionel Richie said after the performance. “There’s something you can’t teach and that’s called natural talent and your craft of who you are. I like what I just heard.”

According to Katy Perry, with a little support and guidance, to continue sharpening his talents. But the positive praise didn’t end there, Outsiders. Although Luke Bryan sent a high praise Griffith’s way, he also threw in a little constructive criticism.

“First and foremost, you’re playing of the guitar may be taking your focus away from singing,” Bryan said. “Man, you’re one of the best-sounding country artists that have been through, but you’re not doing all of the emotion properly.”

Hopefully, Daniel Marshall Griffith takes the judge’s words seriously and continues practicing. With his talents, his career can truly go somewhere!