WATCH: Luke Bryan Shows Off New Hunting Decoys

by Kayla Zadel

Christmas came again for country singer Luke Bryan. This hunting enthusiast just received a flock of fake birds.

It seems like hunting conglomerate Higdon Outdoors just sent Luke Bryan a bunch of duck decoys as a promotion. The “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day” singer shows off the impressive display on Instagram.

“Thanks for the decoys @higdonoutdoors. Love y’all,” Bryan captions the post.

In the video, Bryan is saying “thank ya, thank ya Higdon.” As he pans around, family and friends are unboxing the mallard decoys. Then he turns the camera to his son and ask, “Whatcha think Bubba?” After Bryan turns the camera back to the stack of boxes and says, “Thank ya Higdon decoys. The ducks are here.”

Fellow country crooner, Randy Houser, comments on the video with, “Get em.”

Luke Bryan the Hunter

To some Luke Bryan is a country music superstar, but to others, he’s simply one of the Buck Commander Buckmen. He’s teamed up with Adam LaRoche, Jason Aldean, Ryan Langerhans, Tombo Martin, and Willie Robertson to create this brand.

These guys have developed Buck Commander that offers videos, merchandise they love, and more. But to Bryan, hunting and fishing isn’t anything new for him. These hobbies are something that he’s introduced his kids to.

“I feel like hunting and fishing are the best way to make your children really well rounded. I want my sons to be athletic, I want them to grow up to be gentlemen, and I want them to be avid outdoorsmen,” says Bryan on Hook & Barrel. “That’s what my dad did for me when I was young, and I think it’s important.”

Bryan also says, “And as December comes in, it’s duck hunting.”

Not only does Luke find companionship with his family hunting, but it looks like he brings along man’s best friend to help along the hunt.

Bryan writes, “You could say I have my hands full,” as he shares an appreciation post for his two labs.