WATCH: Luke Bryan’s Wife Caroline Hilariously Pranks the ‘American Idol’ Judges in Nashville

by Taylor Cunningham

This week at the Music City American Idol auditions, Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline proved that it’s always “prankmas” in Nashville.

The couple is infamous for pranking each other. Pulling a fast one may even be their love language of sorts, which works out perfectly for us. Because every time Caroline or Luke pranks the other, we get to watch it go down. And for this particular event, Luke posted a clip on Instagram.

Click below to see it for yourself.

In the video, Caroline plays a rude stagehand who keeps interrupting a poor singer’s rendition of the Marin Morris hit My Church.

First, she clumsily and loudly cleans off a piano to stall the start. Then, her phone alarm goes off as Dickson attempts her introduction. And finally, she crumbles a bag of chips during the actual song.

All the while, Luke Bryan is completely unaware that the stagehand is actually his wife because she’s donning a facemask, hoodie, glasses, and hat.

By the time the chip fiasco begins, Luke is utterly confused and a little angry. And Katie Perry is so mad that she storms backstage and rips the bag out of Caroline’s hands. But Caroline doesn’t stop there. As Katie returns to her chair, Caroline walks follows her to reclaim her snack—causing a heated confrontation.

Poor unsuspecting Luke starts to panic and tries to get the ladies to “chill” before things get too out of hand. But then Katie angrily rips the hat off the offender, and Luke realizes he’s been had.

Luke Bryan Never Knows When his Wife is Pranking him

“Luke and I have a history of pranks,” Caroline says in the video. ” We met in college, and we just would constantly prank each other.”

And she’s not even remotely kidding. The two are constantly finding ways to one-up each other. And honestly, it’s kind of adorable. But the two don’t just stick to pranking each other—they continuously terrorize their entire family.

“Our household’s crazy,” Bryan told Taste of Country. “We just have a ball in life and have a ball with our kids.”

However, after being together for decades, Luke Bryan always has to be on guard because he never knows when his wife will strike.

“She continually gets even craftier,” Luke continued. “On my birthday weekend, we had one of our toilets on the bus stopped up. It took me ten minutes to truly believe it was not a prank.”

“We have those moments where I’m like, ‘Listen, I mean, if this is a prank, tell me now because I’m really getting really mad,” he added. “You never know when they’re going to happen. It’s open season around the household.”