WATCH: Mark Wahlberg Has an Unconventional Golf Range That’s Probably Led to a Couple Broken Windows

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

Yesterday, Mark Wahlberg made the news after it came out that he narrowly evaded a very untimely and tragic death. And what about this time? Don’t worry, this story is much more light-hearted than that. This is a tale all about the wonderful sport of golf. You know, the one that Leopard Woods— I mean, Tiger Woods– is known for.

Joining other stars in the hobby like Darius Rucker, Mark Wahlberg says there are “no days off” in his latest Instagram post showing off his swing. Actually, Wahlberg’s choice of golf range is rather unconventional and it’s probably even led to a couple of broken windows.

Mark Wahlberg is King of the Hill

Filmed in the middle of the night, the Instagram video shows Mark Wahlberg standing on a very high ledge that overlooks a city with twinkling lights. Although the location isn’t tagged, it’s probably Wahlberg’s own backyard of the Beverly Park mansion. And with a view like that, it’s hard not to imagine Mufasa suddenly popping up to tell Mark: “Everything the light touches is our kingdom.”

Wherever he is, the star looks cozy in a pair of sweats. He doesn’t actually address the camera or fans, because he’s too focused on perfecting that swing. Surely he doesn’t just launch golf balls at his neighbors down below, does he? Actually, yeah. That’s exactly what the star does, or at least that’s how it looks.

Wahlberg takes aim at a total of at least 5 balls. However, an empty box laying on the ground tells us it’s probably more than that. A light wind whistles in the background, but other than that, all we hear is the thud of the initial meeting of the golf club with each of the golf balls.

A wide variety of comments accompany the post. One user asks “You gonna pick those up, Mark?” Another jokes: “When TopGolf is on a 6-hour wait.”

Wahlberg Talks Technique

Mark Wahlberg isn’t actually new to the world of golf. Back in 2010, he actually talked to Golf Digest about his strategy ahead of the US Open Challenge at Pebble Beach. Mentor Jim Flick joins him in the video to break down all things technique.

Wahlberg talks about his underdog status as “the low ball of the group” in relation to more seasoned veterans. However, he says he’s not afraid to go out and embarrass himself because he knows “there’s something else he makes a living at” and golf is more of a hobby than a career.

You can check it out here: