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Watch: Martha Stewart Demonstrates How She Talks to ‘Every Single Animal’ on Her Farm

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Getty Images/Getty Images for Friends of Hudson River Park

Martha Stewart: television personality and businesswoman by day, turkey impersonator by night.

On “The Kelly Clarkson Show” Stewart revealed just how close she is to every single animal on her farm. In fact, she makes it an effort to talk to every single one.

“Whenever I walk or drive around my farm I talk to every single animal,” Stewart said.

That’s not the only thing she said. She also recreated her turkey and peacock noises and claims that they both respond to her when she makes these noises.

Recently, Stewart has also gotten 14 blue parakeets.

She keeps the birds in a huge cage on her porch where they can freely fly in a large space. Stewart said the birds are also very friendly.

Martha Stewart and Her Farm

While many know Stewart as the ultimate hostess with recipes, cookbooks, and at-home products, she also has a pretty epic home of her own.

According to Business Insider, Stewart lives on a 153-acre property known as “Cantitoe Farm.” The property has a greenhouse, barn, garage, studio, guest house, horse paddocks and several large gardens.

She had footage from a flying drone that showcase the huge piece of land.

In fact, her home is also considered a wildlife sanctuary.

In 2019, the Martha Stewart website updated the site with all of her animals and the story behind how she got them.

“Ever since I’ve owned a house, I’ve craved backyard farmyard animals. In Middlefield, Massachusetts, where we had a woodland farmstead, the first animals were chickens, sheltered in a coop fashioned from our daughter Alexis’s outgrown playhouse.”

She also has Friesian horses that draw carriages for her friends when they’re visiting. The manure is part of the composting system.

She also has chickens that provide her with more than 100 eggs a day. She has geese, turkeys, and donkeys. Sheep are at the farm and their black wool is for weaving and knitting projects.

So animal keeper can definitely be added to her many other titles that make Martha Stewart quite the Renaissance woman.