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WATCH: Matthew McConaughey Belts Johnny Cash Classic in Front of Live Audience in 2012

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

A lucky live audience once got to witness iconic actor Matthew McConaughey channel his inner “Man in Black.” It was beyond an “alright, alright, alright” performance.

You may know McConaughey for his performances in “Dallas Buyers Club,” “Magic Mike,” and “Mud.” You may also know that he is a full-time professor that teaches courses at the University of Texas at Austin.

However, McConaughey is also a massive fan of country music. This is something he has been fairly vocal about over the years, especially since he’s such a proud Texas native. He’s constantly showing up to Texas sporting events, but he’s also always willing to belt out a few notes of a country classic.

In 2012, for example, McConaughey made an appearance at the musical festival Austin City Limits. He decided to test his luck by performing one of the most iconic country songs ever, Johnny Cash’s “Walk The Line.”

He went between talking and singing the Cash song on the stage. McConaughey then transitioned to “When The Man Comes Around.” While some people were not the nicest regarding his performances, other fans of the actor just liked to witness the magical moment.

Whether he butchered a couple of Johnny Cash songs or not, Matthew McConaughey is never shy about his passion for country music. Whether he himself is good at singing it or not.

It’s not the first time McConaughey has let his vocal chords run free in front of running cameras. He sat down with Snoop Dogg during an episode of “Carpool Karaoke.” The two drove and casually jammed out to “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson.

Good or not, it’s definitely entertaining to watch.

Matthew McConaughey And Trisha Yearwood

Matthew McConaughey’s connection to country music goes even deeper than just a few viral covers of classic tunes.

According to CMT, McConaughey was a special guest on a Trisha Yearwood music video. He appeared in her 1992 song, “Walkaway Joe.”

The two talked about their country music connection during Yearwood’s time recently guest-hosting “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” During the music video, McConaughey plays a young boy that convinces a young girl to spend an amazing day with him. However, he only ends up leaving her behind.

This was nearly 30 years ago at this point. At that time in his life, the Oscar-winning actor was only in his 20s. He still said he “remembers this very well.”

“I remember I was wearing a pager at the time, because I remember I was in school at the University of Texas and anytime that pager would go off, and they’d say, ’Can you get to San Antonio and audition for this beer commercial or this music video?’ I’d bam! Out of class. I’m out of here, trying it out. Well, I was about 0 for 18, and then I got the pager…to come try out for this video, and I got that one,” Matthew McConaughey said.

At the time, auditioning for roles was monumentally different than it is now. However, the video was a stepping stone for the actor as he climbed further into Hollywood fame and success.

“I remember we spent a day— you know, they used to tell stories in the videos, much different than they do now. It’s a little story, the Walkaway Joe, they meet. It’s a great day. They go swimming … They run hand in hand … end up back at a ’motel,’ not a hotel. Everything went well, and all of a sudden old Walkaway Joe just slips on out the door. He’s the wrong kind of guy,” he said to Yearwood. He also teased they should do another video together at some point.

As McConaughey has been exploring his voice more, maybe he can even sing a few notes in a future video.