WATCH: Matthew McConaughey Brings Back ‘Bless the Mood’ Song, and It’s Just as Awkward as the First Time

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

Matthew McConaughey doesn’t care what the internet thinks about his self-penned song Bless the Mood. He likes it, so he brought it back while celebrating his 53rd birthday yesterday.

As some of you may remember, the University of Texas Minister of Culture debuted the tune when he helped the school unveil its new basketball arena—dubbed the Moody Center (see what he did there?)—in April. For those of you who missed the first performance, he posted a second rendition on Instagram on Nov. 4th.

“YOU, ME 53, that makes a royal WE #blessthemood,” he wrote.

In a video, the Oscar winner proudly wears his UT gear as he provides his own percussion, instrumental, and vocals while cruising around a scenic lake on a pontoon boat.

“We gotta bless the mood,” he croons several times before putting his face right up to the camera and saying, “coming to a Moody Center near you. Bless the mood.”

While the song was still awkward, the comment section was much less judgemental this time around with Texas Men’s Basketball proclaiming the video a “vibe” and several fans admitting that they “love” the tune.

“Good song very uplifting Matthew McConaughey,” someone shared. “I admit that I am a Longhorn’s fan.”

Fans ‘Cringe’ at Matthew McConaughey’s Impromptu ‘Bless the Mood’ Performance

During the first performance, however, fans were hilariously uncomfortable. After giving a proud speech for his alma mater, Matthew McConaughey dove right into the song after “blessing” the Moody Center.

He asked the crowd to join. Unfortunately, all he got was crickets. But the actor doesn’t care much about other people’s opinions, which is one of his best qualities. So, he confidently continued urging people to jump in. Eventually, people began to cheer, but no one sang along.

“Bless his heart, Lordy, give it up Mathew!!!” one person commented on a Twitter clip.

“Fk, he’s goofy,” added another.

But most fans found the awkward moment endearing because that goofiness is one of the reasons the star is the perfect UT Minister of Culture. And no matter how people react, he’ll keep bringing that “mood” to the stage, arena, and field.

“For a team that’s going to be representing the city of Austin, I need to be there as someone who knows Austin really well, that the two are mirror images of each other,” Matthew McConaughey once shared. “The team, the product we put on the pitch, and the fan experience in that stadium. My goal, as minister of culture, is to try to align (the two). When you take a snapshot above Q2 Stadium on any given night that we play, you should be able to see in the crowd the diversity, creative colors, and vibrancy of Austin, Texas.”