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WATCH: Matthew McConaughey and Justin Moore Hilariously Talk Guitars and Chewing Tobacco

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

During a lighthearted opening to his recent interview, Hollywood A-lister Matthew McConaughey joked around with country star Justin Moore about guitars and chewing tobacco.

The Academy Award-winning actor joined The Justin Moore Podcast to talk about a wide-range of subjects. But the first couple of minutes were all about Moore’s guitars and preferred chewing tobacco. As soon as the hosts welcomed McConaughey to the podcast, the actor noticed that Moore inserted a certain something into his mouth.

“What’s your brand you just put between your cheek and gum,” McConaughey said with a laugh.

Moore responded that his preferred brand is Grizzly as he lifted up the can to show Matthew McConaughey. He explained that his penchant for dipping began in high school as a baseball player. However, he wishes the prices on Grizzly would’ve stayed the same over the years.

“When I first started doing it, it was like two bucks a can. Now it’s like seven bucks a can, so it’s so stupid,” Moore said.

“But now can you afford it more than you could then?” McConaughey jokingly asked.

Moore said that he could these days. Yet he pointed out the irony of not being able to afford a guitar before making it in the music business. Especially since now he often gets them for free.

“I couldn’t afford a guitar. Now that you have a hit record or two, they give you all these guitars. It’s like, it’s backwards to what it should be,” Moore explained.

“But hey, it’s a high-class problem, I hear ya,” McConaughey responded.

Matthew McConaughey Considering Running for Texas Governor

Matthew McConaughey has opened up before about a possible career in politics. He unapologetically loves his home state of Texas, and Texans seem to love him back. A recent poll from this month reveals that almost half of Texas voters may cast their ballot for the actor.

Two weeks ago, The Dallas Morning News reported about a poll from the University of Texas at Tyler. The poll showed that the actor has a double-digit lead over incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott. 45% of Texas residents said they’d vote for Matthew McConaughey as the next governor. That said, McConaughey has not confirmed if he’s for sure running or not.

UT-Tyler political scientist Mark Owens directed the poll and explained that McConaughey’s philanthropy in the state has helped his case. However, many voters will want to know more about his policies before casting their vote.

“Matthew McConaughey gets a huge boost from tremendous name recognition and recognition for what he does to help Texans and add to the celebration of the state’s successes,” Owens said. “Most of our survey respondents know his story, but many are waiting to see how he opens his next chapter.”

Matthew McConaughey has always worn his love for Texas on his sleeve. For years, he’s donated his time and money to help Texans across the state. Most recently, he gained plenty of fans after creating a benefit concert to help with the state’s relief efforts following historic winter storms earlier this year. Whether or not the actor transitions to a political career in the near future is still up in the air though.