WATCH: Matthew McConaughey Makes Case for Why Americans Should Wipe the Word ‘Unbelievable’ From the Dictionary

by Jonathan Howard

Matthew McConaughey is back to his inspirational-speaking ways. The Texan took to his social media to deliver a message to fans. While he isn’t going to get involved in politics any time soon, the actor is always good for a speech. Maybe he’s feeling a little wiser in his older age?

Check out the video below and see for yourself.

“Unbelievable, it’s my least favorite word I think we should wipe it out of the dictionary,” the actor said. “Why? What’s so unbelievable about tragedy, about triumph, about people that raise us up, or let us down. It happens every single day. We should think that the most beautiful sunset or the greatest play or the greatest love of our life or the greatest moment of euphoria is unbelievable, believe it, it’s happened. Right in front of you, in you.”

“We shouldn’t feel like the greatest tragedy of death or earthquakes or natural disasters or loss is unbelievable,” Matthew McConaughey continued. “It’s part of life too, believe it. We see it happen every day. So, unbelievable, I don’t buy. Awesome, horrible, incredible… I believe those. That’s a good way to explain things. But unbelievable? Nah, it just happened. Believe it.”

The actor had his usual cadence and powerful delivery. It’s like nothing anyone else does or can do. A voice and opinion, completely unique at all times. He’s one of a kind in just about everything that he does and that’s why he is who he is. Matthew McConaughey is one-of-one.

So, what do you think, Outsiders? Is “unbelievable” something that we should stop using? Maybe it is overused, like “literally.” But, I think it would be literally unbelievable to see Americans stop using, and misusing both words.

Matthew McConaughey Does a Little Singing with Kenny Chesney

So, it was revealed at the Sing 2 premiere that Matthew McConaughey and Bono have done secret duets. Yeah, that’s right. However, the actor and the singer refused to reveal too much. Still, McConaughey has taken a hold of a microphone more than a few times. The actor even joined Kenny Chesney on stage recently.

Instead of Uncle Kracker, it was Matthew McConaughey singing When the Sun Goes Down alongside Chesney. The performance took place, of course, in Austin, Texas. Chesney and McConaughey gave the crowd quite a show and performance. Something that likely won’t happen again any time soon, if ever.

So, what can’t Matthew McConaughey do? He acts, sings, and does about everything else in entertainment. Perhaps changing the American lexicon will be the hardest challenge yet. Is this something that’s even possible for one person to do? Still, he might be able to do it yet. It wouldn’t even be all that unbelievable…