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WATCH: Matthew McConaughey Reveals Advice From His Father That ‘Never Goes Out of Style’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Audiences may mostly know Matthew McConaughey for the array of characters he plays on the big screen. But the actor does offer kernels of wisdom every now and then.

Recently, McConaughey discussed values he learned in life including a lesson his old man taught him. The actor said he wouldn’t be where he was today without his father. And in honor of the upcoming Father’s Day, McConaughey wanted to share the same advice with his followers.

“Coming up on Dad’s day, I asked myself what is a value I learned as a child that has really helped me become the man I am today. And pursuing to be. The one I remember the most and it was preached to me by my dad is this – don’t half-a– it,” McConaughey said in a recent Instagram post.

“Don’t half a– it. Well that never goes out of still does it? I mean think about it. If you’re going to do something if you’ve chosen to do something, whatever it is easy– hard,” McConaughey said. For the actor, intent matters. “If you give it your all and don’t half a– it – win, lose, draw, get what you want, don’t get what you want, whatever the outcome is. If you don’t half a– it, at least you’re not going to have to wonder if the outcome would have been different. What if I did give it my all? And boy wondering that is what keeps us up at night.”

Matthew McConaughey Discusses Values

Matthew McConaughey had values on his mind in his latest social media post. Hard work and a little luck have played a big role in the actor’s career. For one, McConaughey completely reshaped the trajectory of his acting career. He went all-in on rejecting the roles and typecasting the industry decided for him.

McConaughey realized he wasn’t happy with being the leading man in romantic comedies. He wanted to star in movies that made him feel personally accomplished. And so ultimately, he risked losing his career as a result. But that risk paid off in the end.

“Values are fundamental principles,” McConaughey said. “They’re emotional and intellectual guidelines. Beliefs that we have for ourselves. Beliefs that we can rely on in a pinch when we’re lost and frustrated and confused. Values govern our daily interactions. They define our expectations of not only ourselves but usually of what we expect others to do as well.”