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WATCH: Matthew McConaughey Sends Message Atop the ‘Tallest Mountain’ on Earth

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Matthew McConaughey never has a dull moment.

The accomplished actor recently posted a video from atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii, what he calls “the tallest mountain on earth.”

Technically, he’s correct, but that’s depending on who you ask. Most everyone would answer that Mount Everest in Nepal is the tallest mountain in the world, as Everest towers at just over 29,000 ft. However, if you measure Mauna Kea from its underwater base, it technically is the tallest, barely edging out Mt. Everest.

“Hello! Guess where I am?” he asks the camera in a video he posted to Twitter. “On top of the tallest mountain on planet earth.”

“Alright alright alright,” one person responded back, mimicking the catchphrase of Matthew McConaughey’s iconic Dazed and Confused character.

“If you count it all the way down to the seabed,” one person added. “There is a cool comparison photo to Mount Everest at the Volcanoes National Park if I remember correctly.”

“Aloha,” another wrote, referencing his lovely location of the Hawaiian islands, specifically the Big Island.

However, if you’re not measuring Mauna Kea from its sea base, it still checks out as the highest point in the state of Hawaii. Furthermore, Mauna Kea marks the second-highest peak of an island on Earth, only bested by Puncak Jaya in New Guinea.

Matthew McConaughey Visits Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Mauna Kea is about 125 ft higher than its Hawaii Volcanoes National Park neighbor, Mauna Loa, although Mauna Loa is wider.

Mauna Kea is unusually prominent for its height. Among wet prominence, it ranks fifteenth in the world among mountains, at 13,803 ft. Its dry prominence of 30,610 ft ranks second in the world, only after Mount Everest. 

This dry prominence is greater than Mount Everest’s height above sea level of 29,032 ft. This means some authorities have labeled Mauna Kea as the tallest mountain in the world, if measuring from its underwater base.

For his part, Matthew McConaughey seems to be enjoying life and traveling around. The actor has lived through a whirlwind the past few years, from promoting his best-selling memoir Green Lights to contemplating running for governor of Texas. Ultimately, the native Texan decided against a political career, for now. However, he remains involved in different activist efforts. Recently, he spoke at an event commemorating the victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting.

He’s also been outspoken about coming to the aid of his hometown of Uvalde in the wake of the deadly shooting which occurred there.

Before Uvalde High School’s first football game of the season, McConaughey was present and described the scene in a tribute video aired by ESPN’s College Gameday.

“They bowed their heads for 21 seconds of silence before the game,” Matthew McConaughey says in the clip. “One Mississippi for each of the deceased. Their friends, their teachers, their children. A prayer from the living from all 5,000 souls in Uvalde’s Honey Bowl Stadium.”

In the days following the tragic event back in May, Matthew McConaughey and his wife visited the town. The couple spent time with the victims’ families.