WATCH: Matthew McConaughey Waxes Poetic About Bald Eagles and Sips Whiskey for July 4th

by Blake Ells

Matthew McConaughey has deep thoughts this Fourth of July holiday. The legendary Texan posted a video on Monday that shows him sitting in some sort of field sipping on whiskey. It’s not just any whiskey, though. It’s his own Longbranch. McConaughey shares some thoughts about our national bird, the bald eagle.

“Did you know our national bird – the bald eagle – its primary purpose in life is to build a better nest. I don’t know why, but I like that,” Matthew McConaughey says in the video. He captioned the post “build a better nest.”

McConaughey has been in the news a lot over the last month. In the wake of a mass shooting in McConaughey’s hometown of Uvalde, the actor held a press conference at the White House. He plead for “responsible gun ownership.”

“We need to restore our family values,” he said. “We need to restore our American values. And we need responsible fun ownership.”

“Build a better nest” wasn’t directly referring to those pleas, but in context, it’s clear what he meant.

“This should be a non-partisan issue,” McConaughey said in June. “There is not a Democratic or Republican value in one single act of the shooters. There is not. But people in power have failed to act. We are asking you, I’m asking you, will you please ask yourselves, can both sides rise above? Can both sides see beyond the political problem at hand and admit that we have a life preservation problem on our hands?”

Matthew McConaughey’s recent words have spawned a conversation about potential intent to run for office. He says that isn’t happening.

Close to Home for Matthew McConaughey

“I’m not running for office,” Matthew McConaughey told Bret Baier on Fox News. “I’m here because on the 24th of May I got the news that there was a mass shooting in the town I was born in, Uvalde, Texas. As I said earlier, went home and hugged the kids that night and held on to them a little bit longer and tighter than usual. The next morning we loaded up and went down to Uvalde.”

McConaughey assures that he isn’t running for office, but he doesn’t really have any project in the works, either. According to IMDb, there is one HBO project that his name is attached to titled A Time for Mercy. That one is “in development,” as are four other projects that have no character names or art attached. Maybe he has no current intentions of running for office, but he definitely seems to be testing the waters. A year ago, he expressed some interest in running for governor of Texas. His continued passion about “responsible gun ownership” will keep the question coming.