WATCH: Mayim Bialik and ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants Joke About Final Clue That Stumped Them

by Thad Mitchell

A game of skill and intelligence, “Jeopardy!” is regularly able to stump its contestants with tough clues and obscure facts.

This appears to have been the case in Yesterday’s (Monday) final “Jeopardy!” clue. Monday’s contestants, including reigning champion Matt Amodio, seemed to be thrown off by the final round clue. “1980’s movies” was the category given to contestants for the final “Jeopardy!” as the players made their wagers.

Monday’s matchup went down to the final clue as Amodio was challenged by his fellow contestants — a sight rarely seen. Once the episode came to an end “Jeopardy!” took to social media to see if their enormous fan base could come up with the correct answer. Take a look at the clue and see if you can solve it yourself.

“That’s all, folks!” the Instagram post says. The “Jeopardy!” clue asks contestants to name a 1980s movie with only a hint of what it could be.

“The dip used to kill characters in this 1988 film consists of acetone, benzene and turpentine, ingredients of paint thinner,’ the clue states.

“Who framed Roger Rabbit?” is the correct answer to solve the final “Jeopardy! round clue. After the episode, the contestants along with host Mayim Bialik discussed the difficulty of the final clue. Even Amodio, who correctly answers clues at a 90 percent clip, was unable to come up with the right answer.

“That is a tricky one,” the reigning champion says to Bialik, who agrees with him.

“I completely forgot that paint thinner was used to erase toons,” she says.

One of the contestants actually got it right, claiming that part of the film stuck out in his memory. Amodio notes he mostly remembers the character of Jessica from the movie.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Keeps Winning Streak Intact

Despite whiffing on the final clue, Amodio kept his winning streak alive with another dominant performance. Monday evening’s victory is the 24th straight win for Amodio as he joins elite company with the win. He is now only looking up at Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer in terms of most “Jeopardy!” wins.

He has a ways to go before catching Jennings, who famously won 74 straight matchups in 2004. He did come closer to former champion James Holzhauer with Monday’s impressive victory. The Yale student has collected well over $800,000 in his winning streak and could break $1 million this week. He will face a new lineup of contestants tonight (Tuesday) as he looks to extend his winning streak.

The question on the minds of “Jeopardy!” fans is just how far can Matt Amodio go. Many think he has a legitimate chance to threaten Jennings’ record winning streak. He’s still 50 wins away from reaching Jennings but many think he can with his level of dominance.