WATCH: Melissa Gilbert’s ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Audition


(Photo by NBC Television/Courtesy of Getty Images)

Melissa Gilbert was one of many girls who put their name in the proverbial hat to play Laura Ingalls. The “Little House on the Prairie” show star won the role and quickly made a name for herself.

So, in this short video, you can watch one of her first interactions with Michael Landon. Landon played Pa on the popular show. The two have an awesome interaction in this exclusive screen test.

Landon sits by the fire staring into it as Melissa Gilbert enters the scene. The scene is certainly heartfelt and will bring anyone who watched the show or read the books back in time.

Melissa Gilbert Has a Great Scene With Michael Landon

After the “action,” Melissa Gilbert says, “I’m sorry Pa.” To which Landon responds, “sorry about what, half-pint?” In all her innocence, Laura says, “sorry for thinking you didn’t care about Jack being drowned.”

Michael Landon pulls Melissa Gilbert into him for an embrace. He explains that he blames himself for the death of their family dog. The camera zooms in on her face. She looks distraught. You can tell that, even at 10 years old, she is already a stellar actress.

Almost in tears, she responds to Pa. “But you said you were only sorry that we didn’t have a good watch dog anymore.”

Michael Landon then explains to Melissa Gilbert’s character that adults sometimes have a hard time processing emotions. He also says that death is a hard thing to deal with.

After a tender hug and telling each other that they love one another, Landon points to the stars. He explains to Melissa Gilbert that the stars are singing “Hallelujah.” She smiles at her character’s father, hugs him, and tells him that the stars are certainly pretty.

Melissa Gilbert was given the role on the show shortly after the audition, and the rest is history. “Little House on the Prairie” would go on to become one of the highest-rated TV shows. The success also garnered Gilbert national recognition for her starring role as Laura.