WATCH: Metallica Joined By Miley Cyrus for Lung-Popping ‘Nothing Else Matters’ Cover on ‘The Howard Stern Show’

by Jonathan Howard

30 years since the Black Album came out. Now, Metallica is joining up with Miley Cyrus performing Nothing Else Matters. For those that have not been keeping up, tons of artists have performed covers of the amazing songs from the legendary album. The results have been a ton of unique and awesome takes on absolute classic songs.

Over on The Howard Stern Show, Metallica and Miley got together to talk about the song and put out a one-of-a-kind performance. James Hetfield opened up about the song to Stern and what it meant at the time. Hetfield admitted he was nervous to present the song to the band, Cyrus reflected on her first time performing the cover. Just watch the great exchange and performance below.

As Hetfield says in the video, this was an emotional song for him. More of a love song than anything that he had written and put out at the time. However, the band and producer loved it and the song became one of the most recognizable in their catalog. With such unique vocals and sound, it is hard to take in covers of Metallica songs.

With that said, Miley Cyrus absolutely kills it. Her voice is unreal. In my personal opinion, she needs to play a full show with Metallica. Now, how interesting would the crowd at that show be? Of course, a performance like this would happen on Howard Stern, the host has been bringing great interviews and performances for years to millions of listeners.

Not only was Miley Cyrus part of celebrating the history, but she also gave it the performance it deserved. Regardless of what people think of her from her antics of the past, Cyrus is insanely talented. Hearing her tell her personal story about the song was special. Recently divorced, her house just lost in the Tennessee fires, she went on stage with the attitude nothing else mattered but the music. It was a vulnerable time in her life and she put that energy into the music.

Metallica: 30 Years of the Black Album

Really, Metallica’s Black Album represents so much. Not only is it the most recognizable album from the world’s most well-known thrash metal group, but it has also gone on to impact generations of music lovers. Both performers and fans alike. It is a complete album from beginning to end and to have it celebrated this way is very fitting.

If you had a dad that grew up in the 80s with long greasy hair like mine did as a teenager, chances are you have heard this album hundreds of times over the years. For my dad, this was the pinnacle of music, everything Metallica was sacred to him. The Black Album was basically a holy text. So, the album is pretty big in my life.

Over the years I do not know how many hundreds of times I’ve heard Enter Sandman, Nothing Else Matters, Sad But True, and the rest of the album. Metallica keeps rocking on and hopefully, they will for years to come.