WATCH: Michael Strahan Hilariously Films His Struggles with Golf in New Video

by Megan Molseed

He’s a football hall-of-Famer, a television host, a father, and also a golfer, apparently! If you have ever hit the links on a day off, you know what “Good Morning America” co-host Michael Strahan is feeling in a video he posted to Instagram recently.

The video shows the former footballer swearing off the game in the first few seconds.

However, like many golfers, we see the television personality back at it the next day, swinging his driver at the driving range. A solid swing shows his followers that the man really does know what he’s doing out on the course. However, like all committed golf players, there is more practice to be had. You think you’ve mastered the drive, and then the next thing you know, you find yourself slicing all over the place.

Frustration and Love, Strahan Gets the Game of Golf

The video starts out with Strahan sending a message saying “Golf is so hard.. I am never playing again…”

Then, the video immediately cuts to a video of Michael out on the range. Followed by a snapshot of the golfer in a praying position and the message: “I swear I figured it out!!!”

Michael Strahan captioned the video with “If you play golf, you get it LOL! #Golf#ThereIsAlwaysNextTime.  

Earlier this year, Strahan talked about his time on the links with During the interview, the athlete-turned-talkshow-host discussed his game and who he would pick for his dream foursome on the course.

Tiger Woods because he’s… Tiger Woods!” the “Good Morning America” host said of the first teammate he would pick when building his dream foursome on the golf course.

“Condoleezza Rice, I’ve seen her on the golf course out at Cypress Point and I know she’s a member of Augusta, so she’d be the one to get us on a nice course,” he said. “And Obama.”

While Strahan may be searching for his perfect drive some days, the player is content with his game overall.

“I don’t embarrass myself, I’m pretty good,” Strahan said of his talents on the course.

“My average is 81, but I’ll shoot in the 70s,” he continued.”If you’re on my team, you won’t be disappointed.”

It’s Always Fun to Add a Friendly Wager

Of course, it helps Strahan’s game when he has a little money on the game as well.

“I can wager a buck a hole,” he said. “It’s more about the competition. I just want something to hold over your head at the end.”

While it may not be about the money for Strahan, he has certainly had some games where the price is pretty steep.

When asked what the most amount of money he had ever wagered on a round, Strachan wasn’t sure, but figured it was about three thousand.

“I don’t want to make it to the point where anyone’s shaking to death over a one-foot putt,” he said.