Mike Rowe Has Heartwarming Conversation With ‘True American Hero’ Vet Who Lost His Arms and Legs in Line of Duty

by Kati Michelle

Mike Rowe, a long supporter of veterans, joins in on a moving conversation with another “True American Hero.” The “Dirty Jobs” star invited the retired Staff Sergeant and motivational speaker, Travis Mills, onto his “The Way I Heard It” podcast. The two consider each other friends and caught up during the episode, while also tackling tricky topics like the situation unfolding in Afghanistan.

Travis has a personal connection to Afghanistan as he actually ended up losing his arms and legs in the line of duty fighting the Taliban. Since retiring from service, Travis remains an active advocate for veterans like himself.

Here is the Instagram post from Rowe, which includes a funny and light-hearted snippet from the full conversation. Travis makes light of his amputee status with a rotating hand, saying at least he can do some “cool tricks” and it “doesn’t hurt.”

Listen to the full-length conversation here:

The Travis Mills Foundation

After sustaining his injuries overseas, Travis Mill found himself recovering at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Here, Travis became a leader and mentor to other folks like him. Mill even earned himself the nickname. It’s “Mayor of Building 62.” During his healing journey, he played adaptive sports in Crested Butte, Colorado. This is also where he and his wife were inspired to start something bigger than themselves. Upon returning to their home in Maine, they decided to embark on a mission to help other warriors in their recovery and rehabilitation.

The Travis Mills Foundation officially came about in 2019. The Foundation offers a retreat for other veterans injured in active duty. What’s more, the retreat doesn’t cost the heroes a penny. Mills intentionally worked to make the program “all-inclusive, all-expenses-paid, and barrier-free.”

Mike Rowe was actually directly involved with the Foundation’s start and growth. The video below goes into how the two actually met. It also discusses how they worked together over the years to do so much good.

Since the Foundation’s start, they’ve helped over 600 families across 42 states (plus D.C and Canada).

Mike Rowe Has Always Backed Veterans

Mike Rowe received the honor of The American Legion National Commander’s Media and Communication Award back at their 2017 convention. This came after his show “Dirty Jobs” drew enough viewers across the nation to make it a household name. Reflection on the award and show’s success, Rowe didn’t forget who to thank.

“We did 300 dirty jobs. If I made a list of the people who we profiled who served, more than half would be on that list.”

In response, the Legion praised Rowe. They said he is “one of our nation’s leading advocates of blue-collar trades, employment opportunities for veterans, and the Second Amendment.”