WATCH: Mike Rowe Sends Special Memorial Day Message After Filming ‘Final’ Shoot for ‘Dirty Jobs’

by Katie Maloney

Mike Rowe is a man of the people. He pioneered the popularity of essential workers with his television show “Dirty Jobs.” With the show, he’s spent almost two decades highlighting some of the most unthinkable yet vital jobs across the country. He even started the Work Ethic Scholarship Program for people looking to get trained for skilled jobs that are in demand.

But television isn’t the only place Mike Rowe spread his cool-guy energy. Even on social media, he’s a super down-to-earth guy. In fact, he even responds to fans’ comments with personalized videos. How many celebrities can you say do that?!

Most recently, Rowe shared a video that he created in response to a fan’s comment. Along with the video he wrote, “Hi Rhonda, Too tired to type. Video attached.”

During the video, Mike Rowe talked about his Memorial Day weekend, his television show, and his upcoming surgery. His video was in response to a fan named Rhonda. Rhonda wrote, “Hi Mike, You’ve been scarce here of late. What’s up? What’s new? Everything OK? How did you celebrate Memorial Day? Or his VP Harris calls it, ‘the long weekend?’ Hope all is well. Rhonda Henley.”

Mike Rowe Is Getting A Nose Job

Well, kind of. He is having surgery on his nose to correct a problem he says he’s had for the last 30 years. During the video, Mike Rowe listed a series of updates and explained why he wouldn’t be as available on social media for the next week or two. He said that he’s “getting some work done,” before loudly breathing (or rather, trying to breathe) through his nose.

“Yea, no air through the left nostril,” said Rowe. “So I have a couple of weeks and I found a doctor who’s going to fix it for me. He’s going to cut down here and down here and roll the whole thing back. And rebuild my nose. Which sounds delightful, so I’m going in early tomorrow.”

Mike Rowe was quick to assure fans that the surgery won’r affect his buttery-smooth yet manly voice.

“But he assures me that it shouldn’t impact my voice dramatically,” said Rowe.

Then he changed his voice to a high-pitched squeak and said, So ‘Saturday, the Bearing Sea’ is hopefully not my new reality.”

He’s referring to his work on the hit show “Deadliest Catch.” His narration wouldn’t be quite the same if his voice was a few octaves higher. So, we’re hoping this surgery goes well and Mike Rowe is back in action soon, same voice and all. In the meantime, Rhonda and the rest of us will be sending him good vibes!