WATCH: Montage of Elvis Presley Getting onto Private Jet ‘Lisa Marie’ Takes Us Back to 1977

by Kayla Zadel

When you’re as big as Elvis Presley, you own two planes. The King of Rock and Roll owned a 1958 Convair 880 that he named after his daughter Lisa Marie Presley. The other, smaller jet that Elvis owned was a Lockheed JetStar he nicknamed the Hound Dog II.

In this video, we see Elvis Presley board and get off the Lisa Marie several times. The caption for the video dates it back to the 1976-77.

The montage shows the King pulling up to the private plane with various guests. In one clip, viewers see the jet take off. He often stops and waves, as we watch the grainy video.

Elvis Presley Purchases, Remodels Jet

Presley purchased the Convair 880 in April 1975 for $250,000. He then spent another $800,000 to have the massive private jet remodeled to fit his liking. The “Unchained Melody” singer was all about keeping up with the latest trends, so he had the Lisa Marie outfitted with the current fashions.

The jumbo jet has suede seats, leather-topped tables, and even gold-plated buckles. Additionally, the sinks in the bathroom are even flecked with 24-karat golf. The plane also features a lounge, a conference room, a sitting room, and a master bedroom. The bed is even outfitted with a gold-plated seatbelt.

There are several TVs inside the Lisa Marie as well. In addition to keeping up with the latest trends, Elvis Presley loved to keep up with the current events. In his basement at his Graceland home, the King installed three TVs side-by-side so he could watch three news networks at one time.

Both the Lisa Marie and Hound Dog II are now parked at the Graceland Museum in Memphis, Tennessee. Moreover, visitors can walk in each plane and see how Presely traveled in style.

Elvis: The Man of Many Tastes

The King’s huge success afforded him a lifestyle that few were able to live at the time. Elvis Presley had the freedom to purchase what he wanted, and when he wanted it.

In addition to the two planes that he owned, Presley also had a collection of automobiles, motorcycles, and means of transportation with an engine. Reports say that Presley purchased more than 200 cars in his lifetime. Many of these vehicles, motorcycles, tractors, golf carts, and more are on display at the Graceland complex. Get this, these artifacts still run today.