WATCH: Mötley Crüe Frontman Vince Neil Walks Off Stage During First Concert After Shutdown

by Chris Haney

If you’re a fan of Mötley Crüe, you want might want to look away. Legendary frontman of the ’80s hair metal band Vince Neil recently got back on stage for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s just say it didn’t exactly go as planned for the lead singer.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Neil performed his first solo concert since early last year. Neil headlined Iowa‘s Boone River Valley Festival where fans definitely didn’t get his best performance of his career. His solo band ripped through numerous Mötley Crüe classics, including “Looks That Kill” and “Dr. Feelgood.” However, Neil seemed to lag behind or flat out forget lyrics throughout.

While the lead singer struggled at times, he mostly got through his own songs. However, then came a cover of The Beatles’ famous “Helter Skelter” and things went south quickly. The famous song off The Beatles’ The White Album is considered a predecessor to the heavy metal genre. The loud and grimy sound of the song was far removed from anything The Beatles had ever created. Many bands have been influenced by the song and many have covered it.

While Neil’s band covered it admirably, the Mötley Crüe singer couldn’t keep up. At times Neil didn’t just miss words, he forgot whole segments of the song. The rocker seemed to look down at the ground multiple times to check the lyrics, but even that didn’t help. In addition, Neil seemed to throw in some nonsense lyrics that John Lennon and Paul McCartney for sure didn’t write. It wasn’t Vince Neil’s finest hour.

Mötley Crüe Lead Singer Quits Singing Midsong

Shockingly, even with all the issues throughout the show, the band made it through 13 songs. In spite of their Mötley Crüe frontman, they made things work well enough. In fact, if Vince Neil and his band would’ve walked off stage at that point, this article likely wouldn’t have even been written. Yet here we are.

During song number 14, everything fell apart in the most awkward scene of the show. One would think singing Mötley Crüe’s classic “Girls, Girls, Girls” would a shoo-in. One of the most iconic songs of the iconic ’80s band’s catalog; surely nothing could derail it. We were wrong, oh so very wrong.

As the famous revving motorcycle engine intro hit the speakers you can see the crowd getting into it and clapping along to the opening riffs. They know the hit song well. Despite the less than stellar show so far, his fans are still into it. 35 seconds into the song and only two lyric lines deep, Vince Neil gives up. His voice is done for.

“Hey guys… I’m sorry, you guys. It’s been a long time playin’. My f—in’ voice is gone… uhh… we love you and we uhh… hope to see you next time, man. Thank you,” the Mötley Crüe singer says before abruptly exiting stage left.

To make matters worse, his band doesn’t seem to know what to do. They’re like a deer caught in the headlights as they continue to perform. Additionally, they continue to sing the backing vocals, singing the chorus of “Girls, Girls, Girls.” The cringeworthy moment brought things to a close, which was probably for the best for all involved.