WATCH: ‘NCIS’ Crew Go on the Chase for Gibbs in New Jam-Packed Season 19 Trailer

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

This month is bringing an all-new season of NCIS to your television screens. The trailer for the upcoming season premiere dropped and it is packed with drama.

If the trailer doesn’t excite you, then you simply aren’t a fan of the show. It shows so much in such a small frame of time. Let’s watch and break down the season 19 trailer.

The trailer opens up with Gibbs catching some spray on his Chris-Craft boat. It looks absolutely beautiful on the water for just a couple of seconds. Then, an overhead shot shows the entire thing blowing up into splinters. As for Gibbs…his fate is a bit unknown. In the next scene, the team is on-site and looking for answers.

In usual NCIS fashion, they seem to be in a dispute with the state troopers and other units that responded to the scene.

“Found any survivors?”

“No survivors.”

So, does that mean that Agent Gibbs is dead? Don’t get too far ahead. While the trailer shows the team searching all over for their boss and leader, it is unclear exactly what his fate is. James Palmer, the Chief Medical Examiner on the NCIS team says, “This isn’t how it ends,” just seconds before Gibbs is seen floating in the water, bleeding and injured.

After watching the trailer, it seems that the drama is back for season 19. With Gibbs in danger, there is no telling what the team might do in order to save their boss. Dealing with other law enforcement agencies usually just delays the team’s efforts. How long will they be hindered come Monday, September 20th? Tune in at 9 PM EST to find out on CBS.

Mark Harmon at NCIS For Good?

Now, this trailer does make some fans question a few things.

One of the main questions is going to be, “Is Gibbs, [Mark Harmon] going to leave NCIS this season?” After starting things off with a literal bang, it appears that could be the case. However, according to CBS Entertainment President, Kelly Kahl there is nothing to worry about.

“Mark’s always been part of the show,” he said. “Mark’s always going to be part of the show.”

However, that doesn’t mean he will always be on screen. The actor doesn’t just play the show’s most beloved character. He is also an executive producer on the show. He has had a hand in developing and guiding the show over the years along with other producers and showrunners.

Even if Gibbs doesn’t appear on TV at some point, Harmon and his input will always be involved. 19 seasons don’t happen without a good team. Harmon is a major part of the NCIS team. On-screen and off the screen.