WATCH: ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Star Lucas Black is Living Best Life After Show’s End on Fishing Trip

by Jon D. B.

NCIS: New Orleans‘ Lucas Black just angled himself a killer redfish, and is celebrating with a new video covering his rod & reel setup.

It may surprise some NCIS: New Orleans viewers, but Christopher LaSalle’s Lucas Black is an Outsider to his core outside the “Southern gentleman” he plays on the show.

“New vid posted. Link in bio and story. I talk about my tackle and rod and reel setup! Also we cook Redfish on the half shell! Y’all enjoy!” posts the actor to his official Instagram.

Within, followers can catch (pun intended) up with Black as he reels in a fantastic-looking redfish. Or red drum, channel bass, or puppy drum – whichever you fellow anglers prefer in your neck of the woods!

As for that video, the NCIS: New Orleans actor delivers there, too. We’ve included it below for your viewing pleasure. It’s a rousing look at how Black fishes, including his lures, rods, and reels. The whole shebang, fellas!

On the flip side, New Orleans was cancelled this year. Lucas Black may have himself some new fishing buddies with a whole lot more free time on their hands now.

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Real Life Lucas Black

‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Cancellation Leaves Time for Fishin’

While Lucas Black will be less impacted by it, more recent actors from NCIS: New Orleans are still coming to terms with the show’s cancellation. This includes series lead Scott Bakula – who was completely blindsided by the “ending.”

Per a May interview with TV Insider, Bakula was having a hard time coming to terms with “this being the last season… Going out in the middle of a pandemic, I didn’t think it was going to happen.”

“The last episode of a seven-year series has all kinds of light shining on it. People gave speeches, bumped elbows. They had their masks on. It was bittersweet,” he offers for the outlet.

In the end, the NCIS: New Orleans lead says he’s proud of the show and its legacy.

“We shot 16 episodes and are proud of the season, but it was goodbye — and from a distance,” he continues.

And through it all, Bakula knows he owes a huge debt to the fans who stuck by the show for seven years and through numerous changes.

“I appreciate they’re sticking to us and sticking by us and that transfers to all around the planet. We’re in 200+ markets all over the world,” Bakula said of NCIS: New Orleans audiences. “We’ve had a great run. They’ve been very supportive. They seem to have liked the show, they like the stories we told, the characters on the show, and that’s why we do it.”