WATCH: New ‘FBI’ Trailer Shows Exactly How Personal Current Franchise-Wide Case is for Jubal

by Anna Dunn

A new FBI clip shows just how personal a major case is for Jubal. In the episode, Jubal storms into a man’s office demanding answers about murdered patients in different hospitals. But Jubal’s approach is far from above board. He even threatens the man by the end of the clip.

This clip, which belonged in last night’s episode, shows how emotionally invested Jubal was. The episode reveals it has to do with his son, who is a sick patient at one of the hospitals that fell victim to cyber-attack devastating patients.

This was the first independent episode of FBI following a major three-hour crossover event. It’s now airing on Tuesday nights alongside its two spinoff shows, FBI: Most Wanted and FBI: International. The franchise series airing back to back to back is part of a ratings strategy that Dick Wolf seems to be fond of.

For instance, Dick Wolf’s other franchise, Chicago 1, as well as Law & Order. Both franchises air on the same nights, giving viewers a somewhat bingeing experience.

“We know this works, that there are certain dynamics that are just true when you stack these shows,” Wolf told Deadline.

“You can look at research that tells you that everybody talks about binges. People bingeing a series and watching (a season) in three nights. These are streaming series where the average order is 8, and you can get through a whole bunch of episodes.  But the average binge is three hours.

The Plot of The ‘FBI’ Franchise Crossover Involved a Jeffrey Epstien Character

The major plotline in the crossover event involved a Jeffrey Epstein-like character, tackling that subject head-on. Of course, a huge portion of the episode was fictionalized, but it was still a notable inspiration.

“All these shows are fiction,” Dick Wolf said at a Television Critics Association Q&A. “I start with that. But there are certain elements in this show that will remind the audience of Jeffrey Epstein and Steve Bing and other people that have been in the papers over the past year, Ghislaine Maxwell.”

“It’s really exciting. It’s not the same story,” he continued “But it’s a story that in its scale not only justifies but thrives on three hours in a row. And we know these work. When they’re done well, their ratings crack. To be able to introduce International with a three-way crossover, I think is an amazing opportunity which I’m very, very grateful to the powers that be at CBS for saying, ‘Go for it and do it and hopefully knock it out of the park.’”

It appears to have worked. FBI did perform well in the new Tuesday night slot. You can catch the FBI franchise air back-to-back to back on the new Tuesday time starting at 8/7 Central.