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‘Ozark’ Season 4: Julia Garner and Laura Linney Bring the Heat in New Trailer

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix)

Are you ready, Outsiders? Well, ready or not Ozark Season 4, after almost two years away is coming back to Netflix very soon. January 21, in fact, and the streaming giant has you ready for the new episodes readily available in just two short weeks. Yes, Netflix released a new trailer for the new season on their official Twitter account today.

The tweet read, “Your greatest threat will always come from the inside…” Ozark Season 4 Part 1 premieres January 21.”

The inside is an ambiguous term for the Byrde family. The advice comes from Novarro in the clip directed at Marty Byrde. We don’t know who he is talking about, but we know that the family bonds in the show are going to be further strained and tested in the last season of the program. We know all about the dynamic between the parents on Ozark, but we have not seen someone like Marty’s son take a big-time role in the family business. From the trailer, it looks like that will change.

After being spared in the finale of season 3, the Byrdes figured to become even a bigger part of the cartel in the show. Well, that looks to be the case as they are “celebrities” now. Perhaps the most biting and tough scene in the trailer is the brief back-and-forth between Ruth and Marty.

Marty says to Ruth, “Ruth, don’t get yourself killed.” She coldly responds,”Like you ******* care.” It was a tough scene for all Ozark fans to see as the two have so much history together, but it is clear that her new drug trade prospects are not going to fly with the Byrde’s bosses.

Julia Garner on ‘Ozark’

Garner’s role on Ruth is unforgettable on Ozark. Her family dynamic and her relationship with Marty is even more interesting. She told Awards Watch, “For sure, but I think she also doesn’t want to draw any more attention than she has to. On one hand, I think people dismiss her and underappreciate her, and she doesn’t get acknowledged by people, but, on the other hand, she doesn’t like a whole bunch of attention on her, in a weird way. She’s happy to be dismissed, because it takes the focus away from her.”

She loves her family, but her background does lend itself for folks to overlook her.

Julia Garner concluded, “I think it’s power. I think it’s obviously money. I think she stays there because of Wyatt.” It’s her brother. Garner adds, “I think the whole thing is Wyatt, to be honest. Three too, but mostly Wyatt, because she has this special connection with Wyatt. Her motivation is to have nice things for both Three and Wyatt. She wants to prove herself, too, being the only woman.

Garner concludes, “She was sort of like that token girl in the group and they didn’t really respect her, which is why she likes Marty.”

Ruth wants power, ultimately. Her huge play against the Byrdes and their bosses is a big power play. We will see very soon on Netflix how it will all play out.