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Watch: Ozzy Osbourne Goes Salt Mining in Utah’s Mars Desert Research Station

by Jacklyn Krol
Kevin Winter, Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Ozzy Osbourne went salt mining on Mars… in Utah.

Ozzy Osbourne and Son Attempt Salt Mining

Ozzy and his son Jack Osbourne visited the Mars Desert Research Station as part of their show, Ozzy & Jacks World Detour. The mining episode will air on AXS TV on November 12. They drove themselves to San Rafael Swell.

Prior to their mining trip, the pair visit a survival expert and spent a night in a Native American teepee, that also featured a television.

Watch the episode’s preview HERE.

Their Television Show

If you didn’t know, both Ozzy and Jack are big history buffs. The father-son duo created the television show since when Ozzy would go on tour with his band, Black Sabbath, he wouldn’t have time to visit local sites.

The series first premiered on July 24, 2016, on The History Channel, before moving to A&E for two seasons. Jack’s sister and Ozzy’s daughter, Kelly Osbourne also joined the cast for Season 3. The show found its home on AXS for its fourth season.

The idea for the show came about when Jack was coming up with tv projects since he works behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. A friend of his suggested that he do a show with his father based on history. “My dad just doesn’t do TV,” Jack told Roling Stone. “He won’t do it.” However, he pitched the show since it involved his favorite subject and he was into it.

“I was born in ’48,” Ozzy says in addition, “and as a young kid, we used to play on bomb sites. For many years after World War II, I’d watch films about it on TV and the insanity of it all just got me interested.”

Ozzy’s favorite place to visit was South Dakota due to the history of the Gold Rush. “We went panning for gold one day,” Jack said. “And the rest of the time we were filming he was saying, ‘I want to go panning for gold again.’”