WATCH: Pat Sajak Exclaims Contestant ‘Knows Her Underwear’ in Riotous ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Moment

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

During his many decades as the host of “Wheel of Fortune,” Pat Sajak has shared numerous interactions with the show’s contestants. One of his most recent ones, however, really stands out from the crowd.

On a recent episode, Sajak was leading a contestant named Lyndsey through the show’s famous final round. This episode was part of the show’s “Teacher’s Week.”

At the start of a clip from this episode, Sajak points out that this contestant chose the category “What Are Your Wearing?” for the episode’s final puzzle. Of course, the letters R, S, T, L, N, and E were available to Lyndsey to begin with. After these letters were posted to the show’s famous board it read: “*L*** ***ERS.”

Next, in keeping with “Wheel of Fortune” tradition, she was allowed to select other letters. You know, the famous “three more consonants and one more vowel,” Pat Sajak famously said. So, she decided to go with C, D, M, and A. Because she had earned a “wild card” bonus during the episode, Lyndsey was allowed to select another consonant. So, she added the letter H to the mix.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Solves Puzzle With Few Letters Showing on the Board

Her guesses didn’t give her all that much help with this “Wheel of Fortune” puzzle. After her selections were added to the board, it showed: “*LA*D ***ERS.” The contestant only added two letters to the famous board.

That might not appear to be the easiest puzzle to solve. However, Lyndsey was able to do so in just one guess. That’s very impressive, indeed!

“You have 10 seconds. Good luck,” Pat Sajak said. Without much hesitation, the contestant solved the puzzle. The solution: “Plaid Boxers.”

Lyndsey is happy. Vanna is happy. And the crowd cheers. Sajak then hilariously exclaims, “The woman knows her underwear, ladies and gentlemen!”

Thanks to her “underwear knowledge,” this “Wheel of Fortune” contestant won $39,000. Once that impressive prize was added to the amount she had already earned, Lyndsey walked away with a grand total of $58,600. That’s not a bad payday at all!

You can watch Pat Sajak and Lyndsey’s exchange on “Wheel of Fortune” below thanks to a clip posted to the popular game show’s Twitter account.

Another Contestant Has Major Success During Appearance on Beloved Game Show

Lyndsey isn’t the only person to score major bucks during a recent appearance on “Wheel of Fortune.” A contestant named Allison scored big – and impressed Pat Sajak in the process.

Allison was one of the first contestants on the game show’s new season. And during her appearance, she reportedly accomplished the following: the first puzzle sole of the season; the first tripe toss-up sweep; the first contestant final spin; and the first bonus round win.

If there are more contestants like Allison and Lyndsey coming up, this new season of “Wheel of Fortune” should be an entertaining and exciting one.