WATCH: ‘Pawn Stars’ Cast Fire Insanely Powerful 100-Year-Old Rifle at Explosives in Season 6

by Matthew Wilson

The cast of “Pawn Stars” embody their inner cowboys in this throwback clip. Rick Harrison and the gang a powerful 100-year-old rifle.

In an episode from Seasons 6, the “Pawn Stars” got their hands on a Winchester Model 1886 45-90 rifle. And the gun definitely packs a punch. Over the course of the show, the cast has acquired several rarities and oddities. But a powerful relic from the Wild West definitely stands out.

In this video clip, Harrison decided to handle the gun himself. He wanted to show staff member Chumlee how to handle the piece of weaponry. But maybe Harrison shouldn’t quit his day job. The gang was aiming for an explosive canister on a barrel of hay. But Harrison ended up striking just dirt and straw.

He blamed his lack of aim on the misaligned sights on the gun. The “Pawn Stars” gang then acquired an AR-15 and more stable hands to finish the job.

‘Pawn Stars’ Buys the Historic Relic

During the episode, man named Anthony brought the historic artifact from his family to the pawn shop. The rifle had been in his family for generations, but the alluring price of money proved to be stronger than familial heirlooms. Anthony confessed to being a gun collector but didn’t have any use for the weapon.

“The gun was handed down from my grandfather from his father,” he said. “I collect a few guns. It’s just this gun isn’t a gun I can really use. So I wanted to get rid of it and turn it into some cash.”

The Winchester Repeating Arms Company was established in 1866 and still produces weapons today. John Moses Browning designed the Model 1886, which could handle .50 to 110 Buffalo ammo as well. Anthony’s model dates back to 1892. How powerful is the gun? Well, it could take down an elephant.

“It was called the elephant gun. It was used for big game,” the late “Old Man” Richard Harrison said. “Winchester makes some of the finest guns in the world. This one is so powerful that the kick might break his shoulder if you don’t know what you’re doing.”

Anthony wanted $5,000 for the weapon. But the “Pawn Stars” crew decided to have the weapon looked over by a guns specialist. The weapon appeared to be in good shape. But the finish had been worn and the barrel had been shortened.

That knocked the value down, and the customer wounded up walking out of the shop with $3,500.