WATCH: ‘Pawn Stars’ New Teaser Montage for Upcoming Season Proves Show is Crazier Than Ever

by Jonathan Howard

Since Pawn Stars debuted back in 2009, the Harrison’s have been buying rare and bizarre items they think they can flip for some money. From Andy Warhol paintings, fake signatures, card collections, and everything in between, the guys have seen it all. That means the upcoming season is going to be even wilder.

Over on the show’s Instagram page, fans got a sneak peek at the new season. “Pawn Stars is BACK and moving to SATURDAYS! That’s right — your weekend just got better!” the post read. The History Channel announcer brings quite a dramatic feel to the video.

“Starting August 14 at 9/8c, all-new episodes return with some of the strangest, oldest, and rarest items we’ve ever seen,” the post read further. The opening scene shows Rick Harrison eyeing a metal motorcycle cage like one would see at an Evel Knievel-style event. Or perhaps at a sketchy carnival that’s only around for 36-hours.

With the announcer claiming that Pawn Stars is making Saturday’s faster, Rick Harrison is then seen taking off on a motorcycle. The video also shows Harrison and his son, Corey Harrison, tearing through the desert in a suped-up dune buggy.

That isn’t the only thing that catches viewers’ eyes in the video. One man sets a shrunken head on the counter that Corey accurately points out looks like Chumlee. Chumlee, always the loveable doofus looks on with one of his signature deadpan looks.

One of the most interesting points of the video is when one man presents some ancient coins. The coins appear to have a representation of Jesus Christ, the man claims they are 1000 years old.

‘Pawn Stars’ is Back for Another Season

Over the years, the guys at Pawn Stars have bought some ridiculous items. They are in the business of rare oddities and most importantly, making money. Rick Harrison runs a tight ship, most of the time, and tries to avoid losses whenever possible. Although Rick tries his best to find genuine items, not every buy is a home run, or actually authentic.

Although it has become a bit of a joke, there is a reason why there are so many expert authenticators on the show. Buying historical items and antiques is a risky business. People are talented enough and willing to fake memorabilia and other items for a quick buck. Over the years, Chumlee has made himself a reputation for taking a risk on not-so-great deals.

Chumlee also didn’t hesitate when asked straight up who has been fooled the most. Before the show started in 2009, Chumlee was a night shift worker. There were many times that Chumlee bought fake Rolex watches and other items only to quickly find out they were indeed fake.

Soon another season of Pawn Stars will be upon us and there will be plenty of wild buys. Rick Harrison is always willing to buy something if it interests him enough. With the popularity that the show has brought to the shop, rarer and older items are always coming in. There is no telling what the shop is going to buy next.