WATCH: Pearl Jam Brings Out Brandi Carlile for Epic Rendition of ‘Better Man’ at Ohana Festival

by Jonathan Howard

Get those torn baggy jeans and flannel shirts out, Pearl Jam has another amazing video from their recent show at the Ohana Festival. During their set, Eddie Vedder brought out the wonderful Brandi Carlile for a rendition of Better Man.

Pearl Jam recorded a cover of Again Today in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Carlile’s album The Story. They have had a great relationship over the years. So, Vedder introduced his good friend with a great story about how Carlile reacted to the lineup for the Ohana Festival.

“Man, there are a lot of power b****es on this stage tonight.” Watch the wonderful performance below.

So, the great Brandi Carlile and Pearl Jam absolutely killed that, right? While the performance was great, my favorite part had to be Vedder’s small stand-up act at the beginning. After he quoted Carlile about the festival lineup, he said, “I got her signature approved that I can say that. Don’t cancel me because I said b****es in the nicest way possible.”

The crowd got a lot out of the performance and the special guest. It seems like it was a great time in Dana Point, California.

Pearl Jam is BACK, and With New Music

Earlier in the month, Pearl Jam played their first show in over three years. Not only that, Vedder and company brought out six brand new songs. Now, that is how you make a comeback. More Pearl Jam, the better in my opinion. The sound and soul are so unique with this band.

Their 2020 album, Gigaton, did not receive the proper rollout and release. That was the case for most projects released in 2020. Usually, when artists drop new projects, the tour is a gradual build. At those first few shows, no one really knows all of the words to the new stuff. However, by the end of it, those songs are just as known as the classics.

Yet, with basically a year of release without any live performances, the feeling is different. Now, fans have already listened to the songs, found their favorites, and learned all the words, cues, and more. When artists like Pearl Jam debut the songs live, the feeling is different and absolutely electric.

With Pearl Jam back on the road, fans are getting ready for when they come to their towns. Brandi Carlile is a great addition any time she can be featured. The two together are just great, the voices of Vedder and Carlile go so well together and they genuinely enjoy playing music together. Hopefully, they team up again in the near future.

Now if you will excuse me, I have a video to play on repeat the rest of the day.