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Watch: Phyllis Robertson Opens Up About Her First Hunt With ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Dad

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Phyllis Robertson Thomas is settling into her new life with her dad Phil Robertson in Louisiana. She moved down to be closer to the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch and get to know him better after meeting for the first time earlier this year. So, naturally, he’s taken her duck hunting often.

“They’ve never really taken girls out on duck hunts,” she laughed in a video on her dad’s YouTube channel. “So I was breaking the mold a little bit. But I enjoyed that.”

She said she took a hunting class to get all the proper permits and learn what to expect. Her big brother Al gave her a gun that she takes with her on the hunts. She’s enjoyed hunting, she said, but mostly because she gets a few minutes to sit beside her dad.

“He’s 74. I’m 45. We missed a lot of years,” she said. “The best part of hunting was getting to spend time with him. … He’s teaching, he’s just a natural teacher. We’re making up for all of those years where he didn’t get to parent me. He didn’t get to teach me stuff.”

Phyllis said she’s enjoying her time in Louisiana, and she’s growing closer to her dad faster than she expected.

“I don’t know how he feels about it at this point,” she said of her dad. “He’s probably not one to talk about his feelings to that level. It’s hard enough for me to talk about it that way. But I love him. I’m learning to love him more and more and Mrs. Kay. I have new parents, newly found parents.”

Phil Robertson Happy Phyllis Found Him

Phil Robertson has been excited to teach his daughter his way of life. The Duck Dynasty patriarch has been very open about how happy he is Phyllis found him.

Phil didn’t know Phyllis existed until she tracked him down earlier this year. He introduced her to his fans during an episode of his “Unashamed” podcast. And she introduced her to his world last month when he took her duck hunting for the first time.


Phil said on the podcast that before he conceived Phyllis during a rough patch in his life before he became a Christian. But he’s glad they found each other.

“Until she showed up, I had nothing good to say about what happened before I repented,” Phil said. “I had nothing good. I just walled it off.” Despite the shocking news, the Robertson family said there were no “awkward” moments between their families. “It was just like puzzle pieces clicking into place,” Phyllis said. “It was like I’ve always known you, in a way.”