WATCH: ‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Puts Out a Fire in Hilarious New Clip from Filming

by Samantha Whidden

Food blogger and cookbook author Ree Drummond posted a hilarious video of her putting out a fire during a taping of her hit show, The Pioneer Woman. 

The video shows a laughing Ree Drummond taking burned food out of her over and blowing out the fire. “Filming went great today,” Ree jokingly captions the post. 

The Pioneer Woman premiered on The Food Network in 2011 and features Ree Drummond cooking for her friends and family at her ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. 

Ree Drummond Talks 43 Pound Weight-Loss Journey 

In a recent blog post, Ree Drummond shares more details about her 43-pound weight-loss journey. Drummond reveals that while being “skinny” for her daughter’s wedding was actually NOT her primary goal, she was more motivated by feeling better and having more energy.

“just before I bit the bullet and took the leap, I was tired, puffy, and desperate (I will write about my rock bottom sometime; it’s quite a story) and I knew I shouldn’t be feeling that way,” Ree explains. “So while the eighties child in me does not necessarily bristle if someone occasionally says an encouraging ‘You look thinner!’ or ‘You’ve lost weight!’ I mostly just think about how much better I feel every day and feel grateful that I’ve made it over the hump.

Ree Drummond is set to show her daughter’s big day in her latest episode on Saturday (June 26th).

The Pioneer Woman’s Dos and Don’t For Weight Loss

Ree recalls what she tried *not* to do while trying to lose weight. Drummond explains that she didn’t do keto because she tried it before and it never worked after the initial 10-15 pounds for her. She also says no to Intermittent Fasting because it caused her to gorge during her eating window. Ree also didn’t buy specialty diet foods, hire a trainer, or join a weight loss program either. 

What Ree does do during her weight loss journey is simple. Eating fewer calories, weighing her food, exercising, building muscle, eating more protein and less sugar, drinking no alcohol, and also uses the mobile app Happy Scale. She also notes that she uses a standing desk. Drummond then adds that she is still working on losing weight.

“As of today, I’ve lost 43 pounds. I hesitate to even say that number, because for me, the way I feel today, it isn’t about the weight loss,” she says. “I definitely needed to lose weight for my own preference based on where I thought I should be, but it’s more about how I feel after a few months of regular exercise, more moving, and more mindful eating. Feeling good is really all that matters, and because of that, the weigh-ins are becoming less and less important to me. I’ll keep weighing in every day to have all the information I need going forward, but the number isn’t what I’m paying attention to now.”