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WATCH: ‘Pioneer Woman’ Teaches How to Make Buffalo Chicken Totchos & Her ‘Top Secret’ Chocolate Cake

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Bobby Bank/Getty Images)

Earlier today, “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond shared some exciting recipes from “Super Easy!”, her brand new cookbook.

The cooking star visited the set of the TODAY show, where she showed the hosts and viewers how to make buffalo chicken totchos and her famously “top secret” chocolate bundt cake.

For those who are wondering what totchos are: They’re nachos, but using tater tots instead of tortilla chips.

“Anything you can put on nachos, you can put on tots and call them totchos,” the “Pioneer Woman” shared in a clip posted to the official TODAY show Twitter account. “[The name totchos] is kind of a thing, but it hasn’t swept the nation yet.”

Drummond cooked the tots in the oven with cumin and chili powder. She also cooked chicken with celery, garlic, and green onions. After taking the tots out of the oven, Drummond added buffalo sauce to the chicken cooking in a pan.

Then, the “Pioneer Woman” poured an absolute mountain of shredded pepper jack cheese on the tots. She topped them off with the buffalo sauce chicken and put them back into the oven so the cheese could melt.

The hosts praised Drummond for her delicious totchos, and she shared that her family really enjoys them too.

“This is why my teenage boys love me,” she said.

Drummond referenced her family again when TODAY show host Carson Daly asked if she changed her cooking habits to go along with her new wellness journey.

“No,” Drummond answered honestly. “The thing is, I have teenage boys, college students, Ladd the Cowboy. So I have to make food that everybody loves.”

The “Pioneer Woman” added, “And I’m not good when I deny myself whole categories of food. I like to say I eat a Rhode Island-sized piece of cake instead of a Texas-sized piece of cake. It tastes just as delicious.”

‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Breaks Down Her ‘Top Secret’ Chocolate Cake

Speaking of cake, the TODAY show hosts couldn’t even wait for Ree Drummond to catch up before diving into her delicious chocolate bundt cake.

The “Pioneer Woman” quickly admitted a “concession” in her cake recipe. “My top-secret cake ingredient in my top-secret cake is dark chocolate cake mix,” Drummond admitted.

She quickly cut in among the gasps from the hosts. “Listen, I had my house full of humans during the pandemic. Large, 6’5 humans and football players. I was making so much food that I was about to lose my religion,” Drummond said.

Making a cake from scratch all the time wasn’t gonna cut it. Plus, the name of her new cookbook is “Super Easy!” and focuses on shortcuts.

“Every day was just, ‘I can’t do it anymore,’ so I’m not afraid to whip out the chocolate cake mix,” the “Pioneer Woman” said.

However, she did add her own spin on the cake. Drummond explained how she “doctored” the cake batter with bitter-sweet chocolate chips to add richness. And she topped it with a delicious ganache made out of heavy cream and “good quality” chocolate chips.

Anyone else feeling hungry?