WATCH: Ray Liotta Goes for a Ride in Frank Sinatra’s Car

by Kati Michelle

Ray Liotta recently opened up about his Holywood journey and whether or not his “tough guy” image actually suits him. We’ve seen him in several of those types of roles namely with “Goodfellas,” “Blow,” and his most recent addition to the “Sopranos” universe, “The Many Saints of Newark.” Still, many fans remember Ray Liotta for one of his other roles, the portrayal of Frank Sinatra in “The Rat Pack.”

Apparently, accepting that “Rat Pack” role didn’t make Sinatra’s daughters very happy. They actually went full-on “Godfather” mode and allegedly mailed Liotta a horse head. He took the gesture to mean “You’re toast.” That makes his recent appearance on “Jay Leno’s Garage” pretty interesting. It shows Liotta as he joins the comedian for a joy ride — and get this, they take off with one of Frank Sinatra’s cars.

Ray Liotta Joins Jay Leno to Give Frank Sinatra’s Vintage ’61 Ghia and Vic Damone’s ’57 Dual Ghia a Spin

Like his comedian friend, Tim Allen, Jay Leno knows a thing or two about cars. He introduces his latest segment with Ray Liotta by giving some background on the two cars they’re about to drive. One comes from Frank Sinatra’s personal collection, while the other calls Vic Damone its owner. Frank Sinatra’s whip takes the shape of a 1961 Dual Ghia L.6.4. and the other gets revealed as a ’57 Dual Ghia. The original MSRP value of Sinatra’s classic car originally stood around $15k, but its current price tag is upwards of $500k.

Check it out:

Jay Leno then proceeds with the informal interview. Liotta reveals he moved to California at the start of the ’80s and it wasn’t always smooth sailing. In fact, he didn’t book any big roles for five years. However, he did make some pretty interesting connections during that time.

Liotta tells Leno that he shared the same acting coach as a lot of other names you’ll probably recognize. There’s Andy Garcia, Steven Bauer, and Outsider favorite Kevin Costner.

Taking a Cigar Break and Discussing His Upcoming Role

In addition to the interview with Jay Leno, Ray Liotta joined Cigar & Spirits Magazine recently to discuss his newest “Sopranos” chapter. According to Liotta, fans can still fully grasp the prequel without seeing the entirety of “The Sopranos” beforehand. That being said, we know a lot of our Outsiders take pride in watching the classics, so this isn’t really a concern.

The rest of the interview sees Liotta discuss how the “Sopranos” compares to his other well-known works. He points to one major difference in particular between the prequel and his “Goodfellas” character. His character in the latter never actually made it into the mob.

You can join the actor in taking a well-deserved cigar break here: