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WATCH: Russell Crowe Encounters Massive Water Lizard in Bangkok

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Dave J Hogan/Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Russell Crowe is a man of many talents. Along with acting, he has also pursued directing and music as both a musician and singer. IMDb credits the New Zealand-born star with 36 wins and 84 nominations for some of the most sought-after titles in Hollywood. As with “The Gladiator,” his roles are often gritty and his characters are often rough around the edges.

Filming for his most recent role took the star to Thailand sometime last month. He started a “Lost in Bangkok” series upon arrival, sharing the third post in the series today. It shows his encounter with a massive water monitor, which he affectionately refers to as “my new buddy.”

The Pesky Water Lizard is Apparently One of Hundreds in the Area

Second-only to the Komodo Dragon, Asian Water Monitors are reportedly one of the largest lizard species in the world. Apparently, they’re also somewhat of a pest for locals. They often refer to the little guys as “hia” which is a derogatory term in the language. Despite their scary appearance, the Bangkok Post says the water lizards are relatively harmless. “While they don’t hurt people, they have scared a few, and some cyclists have taken a tumble after running into one.” That’s probably why Russell Crowe referred to one as his “new buddy.”

Here’s their encounter with each other:

Years ago, the pest’s population grew so out of hand, that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration got involved. They planned to round up as many of the lizards as they could and ship them off to a nearby wildlife center. They embarked on their mission armed only with makeshift fishing poles, ropes, and burlap.

The program involved a staff of a dozen people and they were able to capture over 100 lizards shortly after its launch.

Prime Minister of Thailand Welcomes Russell Crowe and Crew

Russell Crowe and his crew arrived in Thailand sometime in September. Upon landing, they began their mandatory quarantine. During this time, Crowe took to his Instagram page to share his love for the country. He wrote:

“When the sun did come out it was beyond gorgeous. Thai people are so friendly, so welcoming and of course, the food is just amazing. So, if you’ve been locked down, if you’re feeling that wanderlust stirring in you now that we have a date for open borders…Go and look at Phuket. I’m sure the rest of the country has amazing experiences to share too.”

Apparently, it even got the Prime Minister’s attention and gratitude. The governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand also spoke out about Crowe’s company.

“We would like to thank him for the message he posted on his Twitter and Facebook accounts. It is good news that we received a good response,” offered Mr. Yuthasak