WATCH: Sadie Robertson Reveals the Best Advice She Received in 2020

by Katie Maloney

Duck Dynasty star, Sadie Robertson, brought in the new year with a recap of the best advice she received during 2020.

If you’re looking for some advice on how to kickstart the new year, look no further than Robertson’s latest episode of her podcast, WHOA, That’s Good. During the episode, Robertson decides to look back on the past year, not by recapping the events of 2020, but by sharing the wisdom she received.

Robertson promises listeners, “You are going to get some gold in your ears!”

Sadie Robertson shares the top advice she received in 2020.

What’s Sadie Robertson’s Favorite Advice?

Robertson kicked off her recap with some advice from her beloved grandmother “who brought the house down,” laughs Robertson. Robertson quotes her grandmother, “If you can’t change the situation, change your attitude.”

Robertson then shares how the advice came up in a conversation with her husband, Christian. She says that Christian wasn’t happy with a situation in his life and Robertson shared the advice that her grandmother had given her during the show.

Next, Robertson highlights the advice of Miles Fidell, who was her husband’s pastor when he was in college. She quotes Fidell, “The best thing you can do, during this season of your life, is finding your own voice. You need to figure out what uniquely makes you you, and unleash that.”

Robertson then points to the sign behind her that says “Live Original” and ties the sign back to Fidel’s message. “Find out what makes you, uniquely you. God put something in you that makes you uniquely you. And, whatever it is, we need to see that. The world needs to see that,” says Robertson.

Sadie Robertson with her father Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty. (Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images)

The Robertson Family Is Full of Sage Advice

Of course, Robertson had to include the advice from the man who raised her. Roberston made sure to highlight her father, Willie Robertson’s, advice. She quotes, “Give more than you take. That covers every aspect of your life.”

Robertson then shares how her father exemplifies this advice. “I’ve seen that motto from my dad. He honestly gets a lot. He’s a successful man. He gets gifts. He gets things. But even though he gets a lot, he gives more. He gives so much. He gives his time, he goes out and works, he cooks every night for our family. And then he gives generously. He gives his finances to places that need it.”