Watch: Sam Elliott Reveals His Favorite Role

by Jennifer Shea

Actor Sam Elliott has appeared in an overwhelming amount of movies and TV shows over the course of his career. But he said his role as an aging movie star in the 2017 movie “The Hero” was his favorite role yet.

What Role Did Sam Elliott Like Best?

“I’ve had that question asked so many times,” Elliott said. “And it’s so hard to answer because, you know, if you have good fortune enough to have been in some decent films along the road, then there are obviously things that stand out about all of them.”

“I think what I remember most about films is the people that I’ve worked with, rather than the film itself,” he went on. “If that makes any sense. And I don’t think it’ll ever get any better than it was on this film. This was, on all sides of the camera, it was a labor of love for a lot of people. And I think in the end that we pulled it off with a piece of really good entertainment.”

“That’s the world we live in,” he added. “You know, we’re not curing anything but hopefully some people’s ills once in awhile. You know, give ’em a chuckle, give ’em a laugh, let ’em shed a tear, maybe, and give ’em their money’s worth. I’d say this is the one that was most enjoyable.”

Rave Reviews for Elliott

In “The Hero,” Elliott plays Lee Hayden, an actor who is living in the past, smoking pot and reminiscing with his former costar until a cancer diagnosis changes his perspective.

 “It’s a story about a guy that has been in pursuit of an acting career for 40 or maybe 50 years, has fallen short and paid the price,” Elliott told Fox News. “He’s at a certain point in his life where he is looking back and taking stock, and what it’s cost him, and trying to make amends before it all comes to an end.”

Elliott himself has seldom snagged the lead role in films, notwithstanding his great breadth as a character actor. But in “The Hero,” he got a chance to play the leading man, to mostly rave reviews. Forbes called his performance “a star turn” and Elliott “a great actor.” Rolling Stone declared Elliott “a bona fide national treasure.” The Associated Press said Elliott was “genuine and absorbing throughout.” 

Watch Elliott talk about his favorite role, courtesy of the BUILD Series: