WATCH: Sharon Osbourne Wishes Cher a Happy Birthday with Iconic Throwback Clip

by Will Shepard

It feels like Cher has been around for centuries. The iconic singer transformed the music world while remaining true to herself. She has cultivated a fan base in a way that many other musicians seem to have done. Sharon Osbourne is well aware of how influential she is.

Nonetheless, today is the legendary singer’s birthday. Cher turned 75 years old today, and fans all over the place took to social media to praise her and offer their wishes.

Sharon Osbourne was among those who wished her a happy birthday. She did so by posting an awesome tribute video to Cher.

In the video, Cher is sitting on a couch talking with Oprah about an encounter she had with someone. The legendary singer explains that the guy was in awe of how sweet the singer was. As he explained to her, he thought that she was really intimidating before he met her.

Well, Cher explained that he was certainly correct. “I’m very gentle, and I’m really sweet.” But in the clip that Sharon Osbourne posted, Cher clarified the statement. The iconic singer said, “If you f**k with me, I’d really mop the floor with you.”

The audience went nuts, bursting out into thunderous applause for the singer. One can only imagine how shocked that guy must have hearing Cher tell him that. Sharon Osbourne, however, loved the way she explained that she’d mess him up.

Sharon Osbourne Posted an Awesome Picture of Her Grandson Coming to Visit

Even though it might be a crazy thing to hear that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are grandparents, it’s true. For decades, Ozzy was known as the “Prince of Darkness.” And his wife has been by his side for many years. In their relationship, she has always seemed been the tether to reality for him.

In 2002, The Osbournes gave the public a look into their private life. During the show, the public got to see Jack and Kelly, two of their children. The television show gave people an in-depth look at the rockstar and TV show host as well.

Nowadays, Sharon Osbourne has been incredibly active on social media. Whether it is sharing pictures of her adorable dogs or a simple look at dinner, she loves to let people know what she’s doing. It provides a cool insight into the life that she wants to show people.

Sharon Osbourne posted a picture of Jack’s daughter, Minnie, having a grand ole time at her grandparents’ house. It was a touching moment to see the entire family enjoying each other’s company.