WATCH: Sharon Osbourne and ‘Ozzy the Bellhop’ Take Their Dogs Up to Bed in Adorable Video

by Amy Myers

If you thought your dogs were spoiled, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne proved their pups are even worse. In true Hollywood hound fashion, these canines don’t even have to use the stairs. They get to ride the elevator with their “bellhop” dad! In the former The Talk star’s recent Twitter video, she showed her nightly routine with her pack.

Sharon Osbourne has always been very open about her love for her animals. Rarely a week goes by when the rockstar’s wife doesn’t post a fresh photo of her dogs. Big or small, Osbourne adopts and loves them all. Lucky for these pups, that means they get first-class treatment with just about every activity. Though we can’t confirm, we’d like to speculate these dogs get only the best cuts of steak and the newest toys on the market.

Take a look at how their human mom and dad send them off to bed.

Sharon Osbourne’s Six Pups Head off to Bed

The first mind-boggling detail of the photo is the fact that the Osbournes have an elevator in their house. But then again, with all the success that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have together, they could probably invest in a futuristic transporter without it affecting their monthly income. So, of course, these pups are used to the life of luxury as they head up the elevator with their dad.

“Dogs in the elevator going to bed,” Sharon Osbourne announced in the video.

In the elevator car are a Pomsky, a Maltese mix, a tiny white mutt and three Pomeranian mixes. Adorably, the Maltese mix decided that he needed a stuffed animal to bring to bed with him. In his mouth, he carried a blue plush toy.

“What do you got there,” the pup’s mom asked. “A friend? A pickle?”

The other dogs wait patiently for Ozzy to hit the button that will bring them to bed upstairs. Ozzy performs his nightly duty and escorts the furry companions to the upper floor of the massive house.

And these aren’t the only pets of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. They also have an additional three other dogs and two cats (who are probably already upstairs). All of Osbourne’s animals sleep with them in the same bed every night. And while many pet owners do this, too, nine dogs on the bed with two humans is true love.

In an interview with Pets by Nature, Osbourne shared, “My pets have taught me that I mostly prefer animals to people.”

When asked what her animals know that her husband doesn’t, she replied, “Unfortunately, I cannot divulge any intimate details or private confidences with my dogs.”

With how close Osbourne seems to be with her animals, there’s no telling what the pets know about their human family.