WATCH: Sheryl Crow Plays Beautiful Version of One of Her ‘Favorite Christmas Songs’

by Charles Craighill

Two days before Christmas, Sheryl Crow sat down to her piano to play her favorite Christmas song. In the intimate and absolutely breathtaking rendition of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” Crow sings with just her piano for company. While the arrangement is nothing flashy, it is exactly what we needed to make this Christmas perfect.

“Hey guys, I just want to play a Christmas song for you before the big day comes,” Crow said sitting in front of her piano. “We are very excited about it in the Crow house. It has been a really crazy year and this is one of my favorite Christmas songs, and I think its pretty apropos for what we are all going through. I hope y’all enjoy.”

In the video, Sheryl Crow sings sweetly into the microphone in the classic arrangement of the Christmas favorite. The piano arrangement follows the same progression as usual with some tasteful flourishes.

In several instances, she traces her vocal melody with the piano, and sometimes she even harmonizes her voice with the piano. In all cases, the voice and the instrument complement each other masterfully.

At least seven of her gorgeous guitars line the wall in the background. In front of those, two bass drums with a scenic view painted on them add to the atmosphere. They sit next to a small, lit Christmas tree.

It’s hard to make out what kind of flowers sit in the foreground on the piano, but the pink and green colors balance the tree on the opposite side of the frame and really bring the room together.

Sheryl Crow Doesn’t Need a Husband to have a Family

Despite three high-profile engagements with Eric Clapton, Owen Wilson, and Lance Armstrong, Sheryl Crow has never had a Mr. Crow. With that said, she hasn’t let that stop her from starting a family. When she says “we are very excited about it in the Crow house,” she refers to her and her three children.

She adopted Levi James Crow (10) in 2010 and Wyatt Steven Crow (13) in 2007. She has found a way to be a dedicated single mother even with her crazy and successful music career.